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The Pain You Brought Upon Them (Chapter 1:When we met)

My name is Violet Johnson and most people would label me as emo or depressed.But i'm actually a really happy person.
I had just left my friend,Caroline's,house.On the way there a very handsome man walked out of the shadows.
"My name is Ricky," he said in a scared tone
The second he started talking I knew who he was,Ricky Horror from Motionless In White.I gasped and nearly fainted.
"You're from Motionless In White,aren't you?" I asked
"Yeah.I saw you walking and I thought you might get hurt."
"Oh. Why would I get hurt?And why are you in this little lonely town?"
"There was a homicide on

I'm new here >.<

Hey people!I"m new to this website,so I'll probably do some fanfiction.It wont be just about MCR.So i'm not a person who likes to talk about themselves alot so yeah.I f you have ideas for a fanfiction message me.