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The Pain You Brought Upon Them (Chapter 9:The Beginning of Tour)

The next morning we had to wake up a 3:30 a.m. so we could set off for tour.The rest of the band showed up with everything they might need.I loaded most of the equipment while Angela and Savannah loaded all of the suitcases.We got on the bus and Ricky and I went straight to our bunk to go back to sleep.When we woke up we had all get ready because we had a signing 2 hours later.
"Damn it seemed like just yesterday when we met.Now its our we've been together for 2 weeks." Ricky told me
"Yeah it's crazy.I remember the way we met.That was fate if you ask me."I replied
He smirked "That was love at

The Pain You Brought Upon Them (Chapter 8:The Two Ange's)

Angela and Angelo seemed to get along pretty well together,I mean for just meeting they were already getting pretty close to each other as the possibly could.Before I knew it she was sitting on his lap having a fabulous make-out session.After about two hours of that they finally came up for breath and then went to Angelo's room and none of saw them after that until 9 o'clock.
"We thought you died in there." I joked
"I might as well have." she said out of breath
We all went to bed to prepare for tour bus hunting because obviously we were going to need it on the next tour because our little

The Pain You Brought Upon Them (Chapter 7:The Burden)

The night continued as if nothing happened.Chris went and slept on mine and Ricky's bed,so we took the couch.It was a tight fit but it worked.When we woke up Chris was still asleep,so me and Ricky just sat and watched a few movies until he woke up.
"Ricky can I talk to you?" Chris asked
"Sure" he said
They got up and left the room.A few minutes later I heard Ricky screaming so I put my ear up to the door to find out what was going on.
"The hell you mean she can't come?" Ricky asked
"She was just a burden on the last tour" Chris told him
At that very moment I grabbed my phone and jacket and

The Pain You Brought Upon Them (Chapter 6:Heading Home)

The next day was the last show of the tour and we all dressed up.The last show was the most heartbreaking because I wouldn't be able to see most of my friends for a few weeks.Angelo was in better spirits today then he was yesterday,and Ricky told me that they are room mates so at least I get to see him everyday.
"That's a wrap everybody!" the tour manager told us
When Angelo,Ricky,and I got home we put our stuff down and I got straight in the shower..When I got out we went to the grocery store because we were out of food.We got home and Ricky and I watched a movie.
"So that was interesting

Merrry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybody.I hope you got everything you wanted.

The Pain You Brought Upon Them (Chapter 5:Pain and Sorrow)

~This Chapter is dedicated to Lone Star~
The next morning Ghost seemed to be less nervous.They didn't have a show to play that night so we pretty much just hung around.Me and Ricky went out of the van when it stopped to go and get some food and water for us because we had ran out when Ghost nearly fainted.
"So when do you want to take this relationship to the next level?" Ricky asked
I spun around and gasped "What do you mean 'next level'?"
"A date.Not that.God you really think I'm that type of guy?"
"Possibly.I'm kidding.Tonight?There's a McDonalds down the street."
"Okay,whatever you

The Pain You Brought Upon Them (Chapter 4:The New One)

After the show,during meet and greets,a girl walked up.She said that her name was Savannah.When Ghost walked by he came over and started flirting with her.She flirted back and before we knew she was touring with us just like I was.And just like Ricky and I they were already kissing and we were heading for her place to pick up a few things.
"Oh gawd look like Ghost is turning into you" I whispered into Ricky's ear
He started laughing then said "He will never love her as much as I love you"
We arrived at her place and went and got her stuff.Chris kept swearing under his breath.
"So Ghost

The Pain You Brought Upon Them (Chapter 3:And Thus Love Bloomed )

When I woke up it was midnight and Ricky was awake.I had apparently fallen asleep in his lap and he never fell asleep.Only Ghost and I had fallen asleep the rest were watching me like I was a pile of money they each wanted.
"Morning beautiful" Ricky said in a flirty manner
"Hey." I said and kissed him on the cheek and sat in his lap so there would be more room for the other people.
After that it was really silent in the van after that until we stopped at the next venue where fans were already lined up around the block.This was the first time i had been to a concert.
"Ready?" Ricky asked

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The Pain You Brought Upon Them (Chapter 2:The First Day)

As we pulled into the building Ricky grabbed my hand and wouldn't let go.We exited the van and ran up to the apartment I was currently living in.Chris and Balz tagged along to make sure nothing would happen.I grabbed my suitcases and jammed as many clothes as I could into it.
"Alright thats all I need." I told them
"Then lets go before people start complaining" Chris said
Ricky picked me up and carried me out of the building.I was beginning to think he had a serious crush on me and was to manly to show it.So when we got back in the van he sat next to me,just as he had done before.Then we