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The Pain You Brought Upon Them (Chapter 18:The Almost Kiss)

We got up on the stage and played the set.After the show Ghost was in the bus watching T.V.The rest of the band decided to go out for dinner but I said I would stay with Ghost.After they all left he came and sat close to me,and I thought it was because it was cold in the bus.But then he leaned his face close to mine and for but a second our lips touched.It was electrifying,it felt as if I were floating on a cloud.
"Ghost,That was..." I said
"Amazing?" he added
"Yeah.You could say that." I said while blushing
He leaned over and tried again.
"Ghost,We can't.I'm in love with Ricky,and if

The Pain You Brought Upon Them (Chapter 17:The Accident)

Savannah had a doctors appointment that day to see how the baby was doing.
Her and Frank went.About 15 minutes later I got a call.It was Frank
"Hey Violet.Uh yeah we got into a car accident.And they aren't sure if Savannah is going to make it" He said
"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN SHE MIGHT NOT MAKE IT?" Ghost screamed after I told him
He started to break down and cry just as Gerard pulled up out front.We got in the car and I sat in the back with Ghost and Ricky so I could comfort him.He just was a depressed motherfucker the entire ride to the hospital.When we got there he ran straight in and

The Pain You Brought Upon Them (Chapter 16:Blood Has Been Shed)

When Gerard,Frank,and I walked on the bus Savannah was sitting there with a knife in her hand pointed straight to her heart.I ran over to her and took it from her.While doing this I cut my hand and it was gushing out blood everywhere,but I didn't give a damn.I'd do anything to save a life.
"What the hell do you think you were doing?" I half screamed
"Taking my life.Everyone is angry with me so what's the point of my existence?" She said
"The point to your existence?All of us would be devastated if you went,ecspecially Ghost.I wouldn't be shocked if he went into depressed mode." I said

The Pain You Brought Upon Them (Chapter 15:The News)

"Uhhh yeah.It was an accident I swear.It wasn't supposed to happen like this." She said trying to hold back tears
Just then Ghost fainted.I caught him right before he fell to the ground.I took him to the VE bus and thank god they had smelling salts.He came to after that.I had Michael help me carry him back to the MIW bus,and I put him in his bunk.
"WHAT THE HELL YOU'RE ONLY 22!" I heard Angela scream
"I don't know it was an accident I may have forgotten a day." she said
"Everybody calm the fuck down.If she wants the baby she wants it.Leave her

The Pain You Brought Upon Them (Chapter 14:Oh Good God)

When we got up we went straight to the VE bus,because we always have fun over there.We got there and I sat on the couch and DJ came and sat on my lap.
"Why the hell are you raping me?" I asked
"If I were raping you do you really think we'd be this calm?"
"Probably not.I mean considering every time we come on this bus there's always some chick screaming her head off.So I guess not.
He started laughing then said,"True there is always some sort of sexual thing going on here."
Then Ricky walked in and said "Whats this I hear about sex?"
"Nothing we're just kidding around." I told him
He then came

The Pain You Brought Upon Them (Chapter 13:Making Friends from Enemies)

Eventually after sitting on their couch eating their cookies for a little while.We got to talking.
"So,What the hell were you going to ask me yesterday?" I asked Michael
"Well,I was going to ask you if you had any eyeliner but Ricky went all crazy on my ass and then well,shit went down." He told me
"Oh shit.Still you shouldn't have said what you did."
"Oh well,I said what I did and there's no changing it now."
Ricky then came on their bus and sat down and stole a few cookies out of the package.
"Mmmm.Are we all friends now?" He asked
"If they want to be the hell yeah.And they have great taste

The Pain You Brought Upon Them (Chapter 12:The Moan From Under The Bed)

I woke up an hour later to Ricky getting into bed.He was trying to be careful but I sleep lightly.Once he got comfortable I decide to roll over on top of him because it sounded good in my head.I started to lightly kiss him and then went full on make out.Before I knew it clothes were being flown all over the place except for on us.
"Oh my." Ricky said
I giggled a bit and then,well,we started to "make love."It was kinda awkward at first but then I started to get the hang of it.
"Oh god." I heard Chris say as he passed by
After about 3 and a half hours of that,we heard Angelo screaming at

What do you guys think?

So this will be the new cover for The Pain You Brought Upon Them

The Pain You Brought Upon Them (Chapter 11:The Meltdown)

The second Ricky heard him talking he darted faster than I've ever seen him move.I knew that this wasn't going to end very well.
"Where's Violet.I wanna ask her something"He asked Angelo
"She's taken if that's what you're going to ask her" Rick nearly yelled
"Oh really now?I'm sure she would much rather have me then your scrawny self"Michael told him
I ran out just as Ricky threw a punch and then a fight broke loose.Angelo,Chris,Angela,Balz,and Ghost tried to stop it but it was hard to hold them back.I ran over and tried to pull Ricky away,but he pushed me down and after that my leg started

The Pain You Brought Upon Them (Chapter 10:Meeting Other Bands)

This tour was different from the last one.There were 3 bands instead of just Motionless in White.The other bands were My Chemical Romance and Vampires Everywhere!I love both of them which makes this tour a dream come true for me.
We went to meet Vampires Everywhere! and when we got to their bus and Michael walked out,my heart dropped to my stomach.
"You guys must be Motionless in White.And who might this lovely lady be?"he pointed to me
"I'm Violet.And yes we're Motionless In White." I told him
"Well come aboard and meet everyone else" he told us
I could tell how angry Ricky was because he