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On january 24th we will all watch the nanana music video in honor of the greatest band and all its glory. Lets give them the greatest present ever; The highest viewed video on youtube. Lets give them what they deserve! They maybe can't beat Gangnam Style but maybe Justin Biebers music video. Write this on every My Chemical Romance video on youtube!

The Pain You Brought Upon Them (Chapter 26:The New Addition)

~4 months later~
I woke up in the middle of the night in severe pain.I shook Ricky awake and told him it was time.He sprung up and told Angelo and Angela and they went and got the car.Ricky sat in the back with me holding my hand.When we got to the we signed in and Ricky told the rest of the band what was happening.We got to the room and they were hooking up wires and monitors all over me.
"Ricky,In a matter of a few hours we are going to be parents." I told him trying to hold in the pain
"I know baby.Please stay strong for me." He told me
After he finished talking Chris came in with balloons

The Pain You Brought Upon Them (Chapter 25:Boy or Girl?)

*5 months later*
"Oh my god.I look like I swallowed a basketball!" I told Ricky
"Baby,You look fabulous." he said wrapping his arms around me
"Whatever you say baby." I told him
We had an ultrasound later that day to find out if we were having a boy or a girl.We had been home for 2 months so we had to transfer doctors.We left and the baby was kicking the entire way there.We got into the room and she put the thing on me.
"Would you like to know what you're having?" the lady asked
"Yes,please." We said
"Okay,Congratulations! It's a girl!" she said
"Oh no" I heard Ricky say
After the ultrasound

The Pain You Brought Upon Them (Chapter 24:Expectations Go Terribly Wrong)

When we got off the stage and went back to the bus,Angela had baked us a very pretty cake that said 'Congratulations!'.I had a feeling it came from the store but I just let her take pride in it.After the cake my phone started to ring.
"Hello?" I answered
"Hi.Is this Violet Olson?" A female voice asked
"This is her."
"Oh yes.The results from your pregnancy test were positive and you are 3 weeks along."
I walked outside and replied "What do you mean?The doctor said they were negative."
"He took a look at them again and they came back positive."
I hung up and ran for Ricky and pulled him

The Pain You Brought Upon Them (Chapter 23:Tarf Marf)

I got up later that day and saw Ricky sitting on the couch,so I went and sat on his lap and drifted back to sleep.About 20 minutes later I woke up to him carrying me back to the bunk.
~* the next morning*~
"Hey beautiful." Ricky said when I woke up
"Hey my sexy beast." I said as I grabbed his face and kissed him.
We got up and held hands as we walked out of the bunk room.Nobody was there and there was a little table with a candle and breakfast all laid out.He pulled out a chair for me,and I sat down and thanked him.
"What's this about?" I asked him
After I asked that he got down on one knee

The Pain You Brought Upon Them (Chapter 22:Oh My Fucking God)

I screamed for Ricky and showed him the test,and he flipped out.
"Stop.It could be wrong for all we know." I told him
"True.Come on lets go find out!" He said really excited like
We went to the hospital,and they did an ultra sound,and a urine test.I paced back in forth waiting for the results.The results came back negative and I took a sigh of relief.
I gave Ricky a really big hug.And we went home.
"Oh thank god!" We said in unison
We went home and happy danced.I went to the VE! bus and danced around and stole their cookies.I even gave DJ a hug and let him sit on my lap.
"Why are you in such

The Pain You Brought Upon Them (Chapter 21:The Cofrontation)

When I woke up in the morning and nobody was on the bus so I figured they went to the VE! bus.I went and took a shower,because I smelt like DJ and I didn't like it.After that I went and took a little walk to the VE! bus.When I got there I saw Michael and DJ sitting on the couches.I went and sat next Michael,because there was no way in hell was going near DJ.
"Where's MIW?" I asked
"They went to the grocery store.We were told to stay here because you would come here." DJ said
I got up and left and went straight back to my bus because I didn't want to be around DJ.I closed and locked the door

I died a little

This interview they were asked a question on who would die first.And Mich raised his hand and said he wouldn't want to die in a car accident.I cried a little.

My phone started to go off like crazy,but I ignored it.I finally went home and DJ was there waiting for me.He grabbed me and turned me around and kissed me.I was fine with it at first but then he started to remove my clothing.He started with my jacket. Then he took off my shirt and started to remove my pants by then I was getting insanely uncomfortable and tried to push him off of me but he wouldn't let that happen.Once had me fully undressed he took me and put me on his bunk.I was kicking and screaming and trying to get help but everybody had gone to try and look for me.
"Get the fuck off of

The Pain You Brought Upon Them (Chapter 19:The Oh Shits)

Ricky ran straight for him and I got in his way right before he could reach him.But of course I didn't account for DJ,and he ran straight for Ghost and ended up on top of him punching him in the face.I knew I had to do something so I handed Ricky to Michael.
"Take him outside."I told him
Michael dragged him outside and I got on my knees and I grabbed DJ's face and I kissed him.That sure as hell got him off of Ghost.I pulled away and told Ghost to run.
"Woah.Why the hell did you do that?" he asked
"To get you off of Ghost" I told him
Ricky walked back in and we shut up about the whole thing