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It's been....


Hmm... lets see
- I cleaned out my kitchen.. IT WAS A DISASTER (OCD issues clicked in)
- I sang MCR all day and got my 9 and 4 year old sisters into their music ACCOMMPPLLLIISSSHHEDDD!
- I am going to go see Frankenweenie tonight with my very good friend.
( 4in. or nothing! These are 4.5 in. :3 they are pretty and I enjoy them

And also there is this game on facebook called Candy Crush, I have been trying to beat level 65 all year I FINALLY DID IT!!!!!
Saturday. October. 6th. 2012.... you have been good to me!

Any thoughts?

Ok so... every single night... well with the exception of one or two nights every now and then I look at the cloock at exactly 9:11 not intentionally but I do and it is really getting annoying! I will look at the tvs at my school and my eyes go directly to the part that say grades 9-11 and it fucking pisses me off.
Ik that some people look at it because the 9/11 incodent impacted them some way.. but I was very young when it happened and I wasnt even aware of it until a few years later (also didnt help tht I am Canadian)

But what really gets me with these numbers:
- My grandmas bday is 09/11

MCR Memes

Oh god I CANT DO IT ANY LONGER! IM DIEING! I just spent like an hour looking at the most hilarious one... IM DONE IM DONE!! xDDD

Time FLIES!!!

It occurred to me last night that in just a little over a year, I will be graduating highschool.. THAT IS FUCKING CRAZY! It feels just like yesterday I was in elementry school. It just seems so weird and when I think of it.. I'm going to be 20 in like 4 years.... 20!.. I never imagined myself being that age.. like .. idk.
I feel as if my life has just flashed before my eyes. I just feel as if it's gone.. too fast? I don't know.. I don't feel prepared for adulthood. Heck, I don't even know what I want to do with my life yet, so college is pretty much a ' no go ' to think about right now.

i know way too many people addicted to coffee

I think it is a problem that a lot of us struggle with... in my school... omg so many people drink coffee
I swriously think I have a problem too!!! There will be someone walking in front of me with coffee and Ill just be smelling it and be like "UGH THAT CUNT!" Jealousy.. haha

Today actually.. I had my morning coffee and this little niner kid runs right into my as I am drinking it in the hall... I think I scared the crap out of the poor kid because I fucking grawled at him GRAWLED! I didnt mean too but I did xD omg


And yes.. you did all need to know that..

;) cheers

Oh mom...

Me: "Hail Satan.."

:P My mother makes me laugh..


Hmm.. just thought too.. my initials are H.E.C.K .. proper way of saying hell is it not? ... Mother you raise me well :3

I thought these pictures were fun....
help on an opinion paper...

The question I have to answer is
If they are not harming anyone else, should people be be free to choose what they want to do with their bodies, or should the government be able to tell them what they can do?

I have to relate it to a canadian woman Sue Rodriguez who wanted a doctor to assist her in taking her lige since she was slowly and painfully dieing from a disease called ALS. It was against the Charter of Right and Freedoms in Canada forba doctor.. or anyone to assist her with this. Through courts they finallly voted against it and she would have to die naturally.

I can watch this all day!!