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HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL! I hope you have an AMAZING day filled with gifts.. your loved ones and of course CUPCAKES!!!♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥ LOL!!

Starbucks, you gave me an orgy in my mouth!


It was soo good.. -.-" I had it this morning and AAHH! ... it completed my life! .. I guess it didn't help the fact that I haven't had any caffiene in about 3 days.. but it was the most glorious moment of my life!


We have lost one of our soilders this morning.
One maybe too young.
I send out my love and support to Shendo's friends and family.
She will always be remembered as one of the strongest.
Shendo shall now be a forever part of the black parade.. and one day we will all meet her there.
Shendo... may she rest in forever peace.. and may her family and friends carry no burdens but only share memories of a beautiful soul.
She will always be with us.
Shendo.. we will never forget your strength.
And inspiration to us all... a member of our family.
We will love and charish your memory..forever.

I don't know what to do with my life...

I have not had coffee or any form of caffiene for about three days now... I am having a withdrawl! My father refuses to lend me money to get any... ugh ... and my friends can not buy me any for they do not have funds.
Hmm actually.. there is this guy that is really creepy.. yet seems to be somewhat obsessed with me..kind of my stalker.. scare me.. but MAYBE HE WILL GET ME COFFEE.... would that be using him? ... Yes maybe buy I am SO desperate!!

Forever alone (Bed time thoughts)

Just realized that many of you will wake up or do wake up next to someone you love every morning
I on the other hand wake up to this every morning..



Is one of my hermit crabs that my friend Kelly had named for me... my friend Kaitlyn said I should make this photo of the two Frankys together since we got such a nice laugh over the first photo....

Huh.... Look up boxxy later.. I have no idea what I have just watched!
Romeo & Juliet: An romantic love story (Bedtime thoughts..)

Hmm a relationship that only lasted three days between a 17 year old guy and a 13 year old girl... that also resulted in six deaths.... ROMANCE? I DONT EVEN KNOW!

By the way... I must say JULIET YOU WHORE! sleeping with a guy you only new for like 48 hours! The fuck girl! .. maybe she had daddy issues? I am not sure... but anyways those are my bed time thoughts! Good night!! ;)


I have been sent to the unfortunite world of the BORED! .. I don't know what to do at 1am .. hmmm kind of feeling like a need rant but I won't because what I feel like ranting about isn't going to change anything.. oh well!!

My reaction to Frankenweenie...

"Well fuck you too Mr. Whiskers!"