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A first for everything...

This is my first Halloween that I havent gotten a costume for.... I wanted to be a taco with a mustache and sombero but I never got to go get those. It is also the first halloween that I havent made any plans for. Last year I didnt do anything but thats because my friend canceled on me last minute. But this year nothing. Hmm.. doesnt even feel like Halloween around these parts for me either. I find it kind of strange. But I guess I can just mope around for the rest of the night... or I can sleep which actually sounds fucking fantastic.


Huh... I am begining to see others with the same name as myself. Whether they had it before me or not it still bugs me that people have this same username for things. Damn I was really hoping it to be a personal trade mark xD
I find my face gets all OH NO YOU DIDNT when I see other with the same user name xP. But oh well!!

My little sister and NaNa

My little sister loves this song!. I finally got a video of her dancing to it xD .. I tried to incourage her to sing by saying nananannananana myself. Kind of worked I guess :P.

By the way when she says boy at the end she is talking about Gerards mouse thing, she always calls it the boy idk why but yeah :D

Meme Quiz thingy Miracle Drug created :D

1.) How are you?
2.) Are you a dude or a chick?
3.) Do you like any other band besides My Chemical Romance?
4.) Do you like the color black?
5.) Are you an Idiot, a Killjoy, and a Deathbat?
What's a deathbat O___o... idk killjoy sure!
6.) Do you like anyone?
NO! :D .. if you are refering to 'like'.
7.) What is your favorite color?
Purple :D .. sometimes pink or blue :3
8.) Would you follow me on Twitter (XxneonvampirexX, lol I'm not asking for followers if thats what youre thinking xD)?
I don't have twitter, but if I did.. totally!

1.) What is the

Well Fuck You Too Sandy!

Watching the news this morning from central Canada hoping all the east coasters out there are doing ok. Hopefully no one is in too bad of shape!
All my prayers and support to those devistatingly affected by this storm.
Good luck!

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming,swimming,swimming,all you gotta do is swim,swim!

My cat scratched me.. I think he wanted to say Hi
Any thoughts?

So .. I havent cut my hair in a REALLY long time. I used to have a bunch of choppy layers and shit and I used to dye it all the time. I also used to have fringy side bangs and now.. well my hair is just pratically all the same length and is a rusty brown/red colour... auburn I guess. Anyways I am making an appointment to let someone else do my hair for a change.

I wanna join!!! :D

1) Height? 5'2"

2) Virgin? Yes

3) Shoe size? 6-71/2 depending on the shoe :P

4) Sexual orientation? Asexual? I guess.. idk.

5) Do you smoke? No

6) Do you drink? Yes

7) Do you take drugs? No

8) Age you get mistaken for? 19 (I'm 16)

9) Have tattoos? Yes

10) Want tattoos? Yes...yes I do.. LOTS MORE PLEASE!

11) Have piercings? Earlobes and my tragus currently

12) Want piercings? Yes

13) Best friend? Dila and Kelly

14) Biggest turn ons? I am unsure.

16) Biggest turn offs? Douchebagness?

17) Favorite movie? always loved How to Cook Fried Green Tomatos.. and Shutter Island is a good one too :D


NOTE TO SELF!!!!!!! OMG!!!

Weddings.. god damnit make sure you have the presents and the damn card and packaging a few days befire the wedding! Not an hour before so you have to kill yourself running in 5 inch heels and a tight dress in the fucking dollar store!!!!
I have 40 minutes to get to a place thats an hour and a half away! BEWARE OF A CRAZY FUCKING DRIVER DRIVER ON THE 407 PEOPLE!!

I am an addict

To chapstick! I swear I cannot go like 20 minutes wothout chapstick or else my lips start to dry up and they feel like they are peeling and going to bleed if I do not get chapstick on them! And its not just ANY chapstick
It has to be:
Cherry Chapstick
I can deal with the blue or original sometimes
Eos honey dew melon but currently I have been using mint which I findbis lasting me a lotblonger!
But ugh if I do not have my chapstick I will FREAK out and these are the only things that work for me.. nothing else does! Its crazy.. I know.. and it makes me crazy when I cant find my chapstick!