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Just wanted to say Hi.. for I have nothing else to do...

You should visit my instagram.. just saying.... just saying...

Guess What!!!

Chicken butt? No....

I need to get ready for school in 4 hours. Its currently 2 am and Im still not sleeping.. YAY! But you know whats even better the song Friday keeps blarring in my head along with You got that one thing over and over from a one direction song. MY LIFE FUCKING SUCKS RIGHT NOW! MOTHER OF FUCK!

it's not me...

When remembering that little girl, I tend to think of her as someone else. I do not think of her as me.. I think its because I hate the fact that it was me... I was that little girl. But the stories behind it... I dont want it to be me... it cant be me! It wasnt me. Something like that couldnt have happend to me... it was someone else....
This is someone elses pain, its not mine. I was not that little girl who is know all grown up and dealing with fears and hurt and memories... those arent my memories. Why do I have her memories... they are not mine.. it wasnt me.... it wasnt me..

That amazing feeling you get listening to MCR after a week without music.

Dear lord a whole new love has been formed!

Movie 43

The commercial just came on tv with nana..... couldnt hekp but sing along a little :P it comes out Jan.25 cant wait it looks so good!

I don't know how to title this...maybe a rambling mind?

I have kind of hit a point in my life where I have no idea what is going on. I feel in the world physically but mentally... I dont. Not that I feel completely airheaded I just feel.. well lost.. out of place. I can't explain anything. I don't know, maybe it's because for once there is no drama I am circled around. That is nice, isn't it.. shouldn't it be? I find it kind of boring personally. I just.. I don't know what to do with myself. Where to put myself? Where to go, what to do? What I should be doing, will I even bother trying to do the things I should? I have no interest in anything.

Tell me something I haven't heard before
anyone know anything about hermit crabs??????

I had gotten hermit crabs from a friend in august... two of them. One died in spetember so I bought another as a friend fir the original crab. She died a few weeks ago leaving this new on behind on his own. Therefore I decided to buy two more crabs. The one I cutrrently owned was a small crab and I bought a another small one and one big one for that is all the pet store had. So tonight I was thnking I dony have any big shells for the big crab to change in.

Here is a blog...

I have nothing to blog about!

Who are you?