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Has anyone heard of it? Well if not its like san instant chat thing for smart phones. If anyone has it or what not D: I'm bored as fuck atm!!!!! Sooooooo msg me ^-^!!! (Same username as on here!)

I know no one will read this buuuttt.... it kept me busy!

1. Have any tattoos: I have one
2. Do you want tattoos? : I would love a piercings?: lobes and tragus currently.
4. Do you want any piercings?: I would like to have a few more
5. Best friend: Dila
6. Biggest turn on: unsure.
7. Biggest turn off: douche, self centered, animal hater :( and overly biased
8. Favorite movie: oooh tough choice
9. I love you if: I can smile with you :)
10. Someone you miss: my brother
11. Most traumatic experience: I dont like to talk about it
12. A fact about your personality: not many people like it. :s
13. What I hate most about myself: I over think
14. What I

my room is 90% complete!!!

So I went from a shit brown to boring grey room. I painted it last jight with my friend and its finally done! I just put in my furniture again and it is almost complete! All I need to do is buy a bed frame, shelf and endtables that match my dresser :) and then continue my goal on collecting as many Lora Zombie paints as possible! I have 3 currently over my chair which I need to fix. And I still need to put my curtains up but I will get to that atobe point.

I'm hoping to make the rest of the materials in my room a dark blue or just random shades of blue.

Mission Complete

This is a screen shot off my phone, of my little sister facebook account. I have done well.

Was that mean? I don't maybe. I thought it was hilarious! But I do have a cruel sense of humour. Oh well.

Im not too excited for everyones complaining tomorrow. Thats all Im going to hear all day at school. Seriously the only great thing about this "holiday" is that you get fucking choclate and candy and shit.

But remember, Valentines Day isnt just for someone you are dating, married or w.e. Its a day to celebrate those you love.


So apparently this site is very strict on the www. entery into the browser. I was on my fathers computer and I typed in and it sent me to this site about Christians and mingling and shit, I'm not even sure what it was but it made me laugh.

On the other hand I got up at 8 this morning.. bleh, it's now 9:30am. My nine year old sister had her first sleep over last night with 2 of her friends. Yeah that was fun for me..

No really. It sucks.

I SHOULDN'T BE UP THIS EARLY!!!!!!!!! I should be sleeping 'til 1pm .. it is the weekend I deserve it but nope, got to make the girls


Squats..... I hate you!!! Fitness class has killed me! I cannot walk! Well I can... but it hurts... I try to sit and my poor ass hust hurts so much alog with my thighs! ... if I was stil horseback riding I wouldnt have this problembut... sicjsjfjjdjd NEED TO GET BACK ON THE HORSE!

What has society come to!!!!!!!

I know most of youwont care or even try to read this but... its fucking crazy.

Now I will start off with the band One Direction. Now I have nothing against the members themselves, but its the music they produce I do not like, especially since a lot of there music is EXTREMELY similar to others.

Anywho... they were a part of my day yesterday... ALL FUCKING DAY!! .. well almost.

It started in fitness class. They girls in that class are highly inlove with this mainstream pop music, ok I'm fine with that.

You just really need to shut the fuck up!

I havent been able to stop singing lately... even in public... like I just keep belting it... and now seriously.. I cannot sing.. but still. It feels good though.

What is this summary thing about. I just accidently pressed it.. idk what to do o.o!

*****Also I found this today... kind of disturbing.. yet funny? Idk why chapters was selling this. And its funny to say that I was in a book store. I dont read. I just wanted a cool lime refreser from the starbucks in there.. but yeah.... #oldladypartyporn #familygamenight ... ew xD

I wonder if it comes with the tie lol.

Im in the mood to make pretty houses and kill people..