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I'm curious to know if there are any other Canadian killjoys on here? :)
These guys...

Are my friends...they enjoy the fact that they can steal my phone and take selfies with the front face cam....

Top pic: blond is Jacob, brunette is Derek
Bottom pic: Cordell

They are idiots... intelligent idiots... and I hate them, but I love them.. they are my idiots :P

If you want check out their music from their band "HeadCheck"


I'm so cold ._. This sucks. I am under blankets weafing trackpants and a sweater but I'm still cold!!!! Just felt like ranting about it though, not that anymore cares.

all jazzed up and no where to go

Its midnight I'm bored. I did my hair in a side sockbun thing and my make up. I made this red lipstick. I like it, I might wear it more often. But oh well this is my face enjoy it!!!!

how to....

The skull on the back of my shirt, a few of you liked it. I was wondering if you wanted me to post a how to maybe later this week on how I did it :P

done... ish

I did as much as I possibly could.. the front looks like an uneven cut, its not its just loose and hanging alittle
But I LOVE the back :)

Dont mind my hair up in a gross tight bun.... Its been pissing me off lately so this was my solution lol

ill destroy what has already been ruined!

So a long long long time ago I got this shirt and trued to make it an off the shoulder and ended up ruining it to the point where it falls off... so I'm getting creative... I'm going to cut it even more.. destroy it even more to hopefully get it somewhere I want it :P
I originally sent these pics on fb to emobookworm, apparently didnt save to my phone gallery so I screen shotted :)

Anywho Ill update my completion good or bad, even if I end up tearing it to a napkin!!!

Im going to do this....

Just because I'm mean and it would be hilarious!!!!!!


This movie... just.. LMFAO I must find this!!!

where there is a beam of sunlight.... there will be cats!