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Celebrating 9/11????

I agree with many of the post that people should not be celebrating or pulling off the "Happy 9/11" statement as if it were a holiday. It was a horrific part of american and also canadian history...Im in Ontario which is right by NY...alot of our people where at the towers that day too. But all in all I guess what some people may be trying to get across with "celebrating" 9/11 is by implying thay they are celebrating the lives of those peolple..not the fact that they had died but by celebrating the life the once had.

I'm not okay..

So there is this super one direction justin beiber type girl from my school I have on facebook and she just added an extremely edited photo of herself with the caption "It's okay to not be okay" so when I had seen this on my newsfeed I instintly commented" You have destorted your face by over editing therefore it is unsettling to me and the result of that is... (and I inserted the youtube link to Im not okay video here)" She then messaged me a few minutes later saying "Da fuq did u just send mi...nd i dnt over edit my fotos" i replied " proper spelling and grammar please"

This is where she

Not a good monday morning.....

Lost my ipod...fucked up my presentstion about the pitbull ban in class today when which im super upset about .. totally didnt get my point across ugh.... but all in all i think ill bebok todsy.. just forgetbit and move on...sorry about all the spelling mistakes im trying to type this on my phone in class ...dofficult!!!!!!


Thank You!

So thanks to all who said happy birthday to me through my last post i had an amazing day because i got a giant lollipop muwahahahaha!!! 16butstillachild!


I really hope i spelt that title right .... lmao. Anyways its my birthday :D yay!!! So happy birthday to me and EVERYONE else who shares this day!!!

Did she just mention MCR?

So as I mentioned yesterday I got this game called Lollipop Chainsaw and Im at this part where you need to defeat the punk rocker zombie and the main character just said "That my chemical romance wannabe is destroying Sanromero!" I just died a little hearing that... really great gsme guys you need to check it out!!!


Who in the shitbox is Mollom?


So I'm a slight gamer... and I love to play 360. My birthday is on the 9th and I'm just so happy right now because my parents got me Lollipop Chainsaw! Like COME ON!! You're a sexy cheerleader who is also a zombie hunter and kills zombies with a chainsaw and the zombies shoot out rainbows and lollipops are your only health and your boyfriend got attacked so you do like voodoo on him and now he's just a head and hangs off your butt! HOW COOL IT THAT! I can't wait to play it lmao! ;3 YAY!!!

The key to happiness

So I have been scrolling through a lot of post you guys have been posting and I have seen a lot about how people are depressed, confused, upset, and well.. just not doing too good.

All I have to say is being upset and depressed is a waste of time, no offence to anyone but that is my opinion. Like you I spent many of my days going through the pain you feel but then I realized.. if I'm not going to allow myself to be happy, I wont ever be happy. Mainly a good way to start this is confidence. CONFIDENCE IS THE KEY TO HAPPINESS!!!

Give up on all the shit, don't care about what everyone else has

People who wear band shirts

I was walking to the store the other day listenig to my iPod and all when I seen a girl wearing an MCR shirt similar to the one in the photo.Surprised with the "OOH! Another fan!" moment, I went over to her and said "Nice shirt! I'm listening to bulletproof heart at the moment." She looked at me slightly confused and responded "Thanks, but what's bulletproof heart" I looked at her slightly disapointed, "A song, by the band of whoms shirt you are wearing." She then looked down at her shirt and said " This is a band shirt? My Chemical Romance is a Band?