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My couch and giant fuzzy blanket have been my best friends today. I have become very productive.....lies....

Year Old Me....

3-5 year old me:
Wanting to escape from my torture

6-7 year old me:
Freedom in a new surrounding...thinking that life will be better now

8 year old me:
Picturing that one day I will have acceptance. Knowing one day I will break free!

9 year old me:
Telling myself no matter how much the kids hate me I will be beautiful!

10 year old me:
Picturing myself with my first boyfriend....saying to myself that I will find a boy very soon :)

11-14 year old me:
Downward spiral. Life has dropped on me and I am letting myself go. I am letting my surrounding bring me down....

15 year old me:
Giving up on the

Eat Pray Love

I am about 25 minutes into this movie and I am VERY confused!!!

It's official....

I have come to the realization that I HAVE NO LIFE!!! lmao!!

God... I spend all day either:
-playing xbox
-on my phone bouncing back and forth from this website to facebook
-watching tv
Or I do it all!!!!

I swear the only time I get outside is to walk my fuck lol. Where sre my friends!!! I can nevee get a hold of any of them ... but then again they never actually try to get a hold of me so I am not sure where that is going...



When you are feeling down.. just remember you were one in a trillion sperm that made it to the egg.

Unless your are a multiple.....then you gotta fight for that top notch spot!!! Lmao!

Two things!!

1. I have a cricket friend living in my garage and need a name for him.

2. My mother recieved some emails...good lord xD... beware giving your emails out to childrens stores

Local bitches want to fuck!

Coffee vs. Tea

Trying to beat this head cold with my box of tissues and chilling on the couch in my comfy clothes.
I thought I would try drinking some tea since I have heard that it helps when you are sick.

I have placed a disgusting liquid in my favourite mug. I am DEFFFIINNNEEEETTTTTLLLYYYYYY a coffee person!!

Does anyone else have this problem?!

All I am trying to do is sleep... I have a terrible head cold and honestly am trying to just rest. But some of my cats decided they want to sleep too....on either side of me making me incapable of moving....



♥♡♥♡ That is all. ♡♥♡♥


Ahh! Im so excited!!! Im getting my first tattoo on tuesday!!! On my wrist of a poppy ..Im actually kind of scared too because I know its gonna kill.

On the other hand Im broke...between my dogs vet bill buying cat food and my deposit for the tattoo i own maybe five bucks in chsnge...ugh w.e lol

Ill be posting a picture of my first tattoo when its done...wish me luck!