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I was looking at this picture I had posted a while ago on instagram and well.. looking at the comment.. I laughed. I thought it was funny. I wonder how that woman reacted when I said that.....

Heather-Elaine Cameron Kensy

hi this is me and im so stupehd and ugly and i need to stop leeving my computer alon when my awesum supper pretty and cool little sister is around!!!! did i say that my little awesum sister named Vanessa is supper awesum and cool! ok i did. hi world!!!!!!! :-)

This is the kind of shit that goes down at my cottage....

Still going through some old photos....

About a year or 2 ago..

Me and My best friend got really... really bored and this is what happend. Just thought I would share because I found these and couldnt stop laughing!

(Im the one with the black hair, she has my old extensions in her hair.. dressed as a man? idk lol!)

Candles hate me

I love candles.
I burn them all the time while I'm on the computer and I sit theminfront of me.
I burned a new one today.
A frebreeze candle I found.
It hates me...
I went to move it...
It tipped.
Flame burnt out in my hand...

Lesson learned... dont touch frebreeze candles...
They will try to kill you.

Tattoo Ideas

I'm kind of bored so I will post my tattoo ideas... well 2. But One with a photo :P

So the next tattoo I want to get is a very mainstream tat in the world of mcr and that is the DD black widow. I am probably wanting to get that behind my ear.. I'm trying to convince my best frien to get it with me but she has never had a tattoo before so she is scared shitless!

(This photo is tinted because I thought it looked cool when I posted it to instagram)
But this drawing is something I did a few months ago. The shading is nastey so I need to fix that at one point or another.


This is my dog... he wont leave me alone because he wants treats. But he is not allowed to have treats at the moment because he already had one. And he is fat. He doesn't need anymore treats... the vet will be expremely pissed if he gains anymore weight. My bad.. kinda.
This was a good... 5 minute break from homework.... so long, I shall go back to it now!

I dont know about you, but I thought this was funny

Go grumpy cat!!

I love me some canadian weather!

Its cold as hell and as you can see I'm bundled up to nothing on my way to work. My glasses are foggy too .. yay ! Love me some canada ..... spring please come!!!!!

The irony

My itunes played BLOOD
then it played CANCER
then it played DEAD