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Everytime I come onto here I see blogs from all of you, most which ask opinions and ask for help. As I quicklyscan I see there is no comments to most people and their situations. This probably leaves you feeling very stuck. Stuck in your mind. No one to help. Fellow members who you look to for closure are completely ignoring you. You're left where you started. But I repeat the fact that it seems that everyone in some way is asking for help. What I can't really see is... How are you supposed to help others... If you can't even help yourself.. This leaves an endless circle of emptiness.

Been a while

It's been too long my friends.
I haven't posted in ages! But hi. What's new?
With me?
I'm blond... Temporarily..... Going blue soon. YAY!
Has a lover, who I plan on spending the rest of my life with because he is that fantastic and has changed my life that much.
Don't be afraid my dark night owl, but I may lock you away in my closet forever xD
I'm not insane.
Ok I'm a little insane.
Don't judge me.
Good bye friends.
Ms. Ugly Face sends her love to all of you <3
Im actually really weird, especially right now... I blame it on all this fucking bleach.
I said good bye yet I'm still going.

Just an entry for a midnight, heart crushing moment.

My grandfather had given me this dark green, long and rectangular, metal box.
I was unsure why or what was so important about this box that he had to give it to me.
When arriving home I had opened it.
Nothing to what I had expected.
Inside were paint brushes. Clearly well used but still in very good condition. Just in need of some TLC.
My first reaction was that I do not paint nor do I have any artist talents what so ever, so why had my grandfather given me this?
As my mother examined it she told me about my aunt Leah (a woman who was married into our family through my uncle) My aunt Leah

It's her birthday

Almost 10 years ago I met this girl
She has been my best friend ever since!
She is turning 17 today :)
The first photo was taken this very day 9 years ago.
We plan on taking the exact same photo soon, but sadly we cant wear the same outfits, that would have been hilarious!

Ive always done stupid shit with this girl. Get us together and the possibilities are endless!

Second photo is a beautiful picture of this girl in Turkey

The third is our grade 8 graduation. So long ago. Sooo long ago. God I feel old now.

Sleep, what is sleep?

I've been up for like 24 hours. I have a killer headache because of it. Meh..... Too much shit on my mind I can't deal with this anymore!!!!


Go to the link and press play at the top. IT IS SO FUNNY!!


Go to the link and press play at the top. IT IS SO FUNNY!!

March On Day

Keep your pride and keep your smiles, :)

Just because there isnt going to be new music doesnt mean its the end!

We need to finish what they have started......

1 year old 03.16.13

1 year ago today my nephew Gavin was born :)
Time sure does fly!
The top picture is of my nephew
The second is my sister-in-law Lacey
The third is my brother Jonathan
I miss them all very much! Unfortunetly my brother was based out to Halifax for the next few years but should be coming home for six months come august. Sadly he wont be able to bring his son and wife for they cannot live on the military base with him during that time.
I have only ever met my nephew once, last august when they came to visit after not seeing them for two years!

selfie mode...yup

Awkward smiles. Yup.
This is my dog Logan :) he is my best pal!