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mousekatdoll's blog

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keychains/new camera

I picked up another blank frog keychain from the craft store and made it into a custom keychain. Two weeks ago I got an instant camera and finally got around to taking pictures with it.

diy shirt/me

Hi, so last month I made a diy of Gerard Way's yellow 05 shirt. I also haven't posted any pictures of myself on here so I thought I'd share.


another drawing

Hi I just finished drawing this and thought I'd share!


I thought I'd share my doll which I put a little paper good luck on her shirt.


I just finished making my new mousekat keychain!


Hi! I just joined this site yesterday so since I'm new I thought I'd share my MCR related drawings. The first is mousekat as a plush animal sitting on a shelf. Second is my interpretation of The Black Parade. Lastly is a doodle of a sort of mousekat inspired by the Revenge era.



continued story

Hi everyone. I'm new to the community so I'll introduce myself briefly. My name is Kaitlyn, my nickname is Kat, and I like to draw mousekat. It is an incredible thing for me to publicly admit my admiration for this beautiful band. When I first liked and listened to them in early 2000 I really liked the passion and dreamy story telling each song and music video had. I remember drifting into sweet artistic expansion after watching "Welcome to the Black Parade". I had seen MCR's other videos but this one in particular elated me with such visual bliss.