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Here to Listen :)

Dear MCRmy, fellow killjoys, brothers and sisters, I'm writing to you now, particularly those of you with depression or suicidal thoughts, I want to let you all know, I'm here for you :) I am really good at listening, I have talked with many of my friends who suffer from depression and have helped them see it does get better, I know I know, you think it doesn't, that everything will just go to shit again, but trust me, it does! :) I'm not like therapists and teachers who think they know best about everything, forcing you to be happy and put on a face, I'll be down to earth with you dude!

Gerard Button

Has anyone else noticed how Gerard has stayed ageless for sometime now!? I mean I swear that he's Benjamin Button and that's how they got the story aha but seriously! He doesn't age! I'm sure someday I'll figure out the skill after a few decades of witchcraft :P

Ze Gerard Drawing

Just listened to MAKE ROOM!!! numerous times and still am! Zis song is stuck in my memory cortex permantely :3 anyway, just a quick drawing of Gee I did in 6B Pencil :) Stay beautiful, keep it ugly.

Waiting, waiting, waiting, WAITING!!

Staying up till the new video is uploaded so now just waiting with a fuckload of coffee, xbox, 42 inch tv, and blazing out the best of mcr!