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Be Happy

Dear fellow Killjoys, Rock'n'Rollers, Crash Queens and Motorbabies.
A time has ended, a wonderful thrilling awesome time, I'm really gonna miss MCR more than words can describe, but you know what? Today I didn't cry once, I wanted to though, just so I could then out this sadness, but now, after reading Gerards new tweet, and fully understanding what he's feeling and talking about, I don't feel as bad o_o I'm actually fine about their reason why, but I'll never be okay with them not being My Chemical Romance any more, no one will.

Dear MCR

Where do I begin, you guys are my gods, you are my inspiration, you are my addiction, I honestly don't know what I'll do without you, I never really thought that such a great band would ever end, I suppose I just never wanted to think about it. I want to thank you all for being such awesome dudes of havoc and giving us the adrenaline, passion, inspiration amd power to not only carry on, but to become more than what we are already.

I figured it out!

So My Chemical Romance have broken up, feel like someone torn out my heart stuck needles in it and just shoved it back in, feels terrible. Can't go one song without bursting into tears at the sound of Gerard's voice and Mikey's bass, but what I found out is, MCR5 isn't a song, it's a 5 lines paragraph, which is the paragraph that the band wrote about them breaking up, just let that sink in for a moment...
Motherloder out.

Been a while!

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't been on here for a while, college is a pain -___- So yeah! I'm back in action! Btw guys I only recently started really using this blog account so I need some friends on here ;) Happy adding :P Motherloder out.

Just a heads up :)

Hey guys just to let you know again, I'm always here to talk to about anything that's bothering you, literally anything. If you're depressed, angry, upset, even suicidal, I'll listen to you bro ;) Like really listen, I won't judge you and I'll only offer advice if you're okay with it :) Love you all always, Motherloder out.


SERIOUS!? THEY ARE SOLD OUT WITHIN 2 SECONDS!!??? FUCK SAKE!.....If you have a ticket to see Fall Out Boy at Underworld, guard it with your life, because I'm coming for you, and I will have that ticket whether you like it or not, so be prepared -.- Motherloder out.

Twitooooooooor :3

Guys I need some new killjoys to follow on twitter :) so follow me @The0fficialMatt and I'll follow ya'll at back, also if you ever want to dm about ANYTHING then fire away ;) Motherloder out.

Vigilante names?

Hey guys I'm writing a superhero comic about a new superhero and I need some fresh ides and names for the main hero, so if any of you beautiful people come up with any letme know ;) this goes for everything such as names, costumes, powers, characters, storylines, everything so happy thinking! ;) Motherloder out

Rock Stereotyping

I really find it so annoying that many people stereotype about that if you like anything to do with Rock, that instantly makes you emo and you cut yourself. Uh no it doesn't you stupid inbred dickhead shitbag, why do people actually believe this!? Pretty much all rock bands, especially MCR, are against self harm and being emo! We're not like those dickheads who cut themselves cuz music tells them to! God it really pisses me off when people think so braindead like this, I'd love to hear your views on the matter :) Motherloder out.

Fallout boy revival

So I heard recently that Fallout Boy might be regrouping and shredding pure romance and orgasms through the power of music once again! Hopefully they are and this is not a rumour :) but if it is, for the person who started it, I swear I will cut your fingers off, shove erm up ya bum and shit on your face while you beg for mercy :3 But seriously feckin Fallout Boy regrouping huh!? I can't wait to here some of their new material, if anyone knows anything about the returning band or if its just a rumour hit me up ;) Motherloder out