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ummm...well day of silence is going good for me. i haven't talk all day so far.
tommorrow im going to a horse show for my friend. i live right next door to the farm its at.. so im just going to walk down. i'll post some pictures of it....:P gotta go, im in technology class again XD

till next time killjoys

~Zombie Massacre

P.S. i REALLY wanna enter the contest...... :P
i think they should have a contest to come on stage with them or something

day of silence!!!!

DAY OF SILENCE IS TODAY!!!!!!! PLEASE COME AND TAKE PART IN IT!!!!!!!!! remember! you are silence the whole day.....


day of silence is TOMMOROW!!!!! remember if your doing it, to go to the website and be a part of the count!!!!
check it out!

remember to print out "speaking cards" and the letter telling teachers you are allowed to take part in this


its beautiful, all the hard work people put into for this video. its amazing. the pictures and clips of videos worked together perfectly. i hope that everyone is amazed by the hard work and all the time they put into this. and the fans!!! all the artwork!!! it was amazing! i hope this helps with the relief for japan. japan has had to deal with this long enough. but im sad because, just like haiti its going to be forgotten. haiti's still trying to get back on they're feet. japan's going to take a long time too. you can destroy something fast, but to rebuild it.... it takes a long time.

once again is class

im in my 4th period technology class. i badly wanna see the video for sing. but i have to wait until i get home :(
this is unfair. i want to see all the artwork/ videos/ pictures people submitted. well i guess i should go now. mmmmkay.

till next time killjoys!

~Zombie Massacre

something i forgot >.<

i forgot to tell you guys, that if you take part in day of silence. that you must go to the website and sign up for it. its just to count how many people are taken part in this. if any teachers say you can not do this, there is a letter on the website that you can print out and show them ( it says that you are 100% allowed to do this) tho if a teacher calls on you to anwser something you HAVE to anwser. so sorry i didnt say it in my other blog. I REALLY WANNA SEE HOW MANY MCR FANS ARE GOING TO DO THIS!!!! oh!

day of silence

day of silence is a national youth movement bringing attention to the silence faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people and their allies. the people's deliberate silence echoes the silence LGBT people, which is caused by anit-LGBT bullying, name-calling, and harassment. i and many other young people believe that ending the silence is the first step toward building awareness and making a commitment to address these injustices.think of the voices you are not hearing today. to learn more please check out

day of silence is on April 15 (this friday)


class time XD

so im in 4th period technology class right now. i finished my work so i have free time.and i chose to go to and see whats going on. i badly want to go to the signing. but im in washington :(

oh hey! any of you guys taking part in day of silence? i know i am. leave a comment telling me if you are :)

till next time killjoys!

~Zombie Massacre

lost a bet, had to be a prep

so yesterday i lost a bet with one of my friends. the bet was about chubby bunny (funny game). so i lost it. so i had to dress up really girly. i had a prep for a day...... im wearing tights a high waist skirt and a tank top and with flats........ i kinda look sucks. i cant change until i have dinner which is at like 8 pm in my house. ughhhhh...... im more of a gothic/sceneish/emoish girl.. i only wear dresses when i HAVE to. sooooo right now i really wanna be in a pair of colorful/black skinny jeans and a graphic/black/band/colorful t-shirt.

not okay

things are not getting better. since last night. my mom isnt talking to me. when she does, its just to tell me to do something. i really dont know when this is going to end. but it beats getting yelled at for hours on end. gotta go now. til next time killjoys!!

~Zombie Massacre