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MOTHER-WAR-13's blog

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So tomorrow im going to dress in my killjoy outfit for superhero day. cuz we are amazing :)
i'll post a picture of my outfit tomorrow :)
hope you guys like it!!
it's awsome!!
so im gonna go and find my killjoy outfit :D

until next time killjoys!!

~Zombie Massacre

school :P

it's spirit week at my school, today's beauty and geek day. tomorrow is superhero day and im kinda wanting to dress up in my killjoy outfit. is that a good idea? or should i do something else?

until next time killjoys!

~Zombie Massacre

easter :p

sooooo happy easter every one :p

~Zombie Massacre

Prom & Promises

i finally get to go to Prom & Promises with my mom!!!! i cant wait to help out!!
i get to steam, iron, and strip dresses :/


i hate my family! (not you guys!) my mom hates me, my dad is pissed off at my mom and us and wont even make eye contact! my littlest brother ben, keeps calling me the devil. my other brother josh is pissed at me too and i dont know why! FML

today i had a bad day in volleyball!!! i sucked soooo bad! i couldn't even pass!!!
my old friends are pissed at me still cause of me moving.
i don't even talk to them anymore cause none of them won't reply to my texts or pick the phone up.

other than that, im pretty happy.

summer in german? and other things

so for my foreign language i chose german, if i can get into german 1-2 next year for high school, im able to aply for summer in german! then after i take german 1-2, i can take german 3-4 whcih means i can apply to be a exchange student for semester or year private exchange!!! im hoping to get into geman so i can apply for the summer thing, then hopefully i could go for a year!!! (i really hate my household. my littlest brother says im the devil and both my parents hate me!) i think it would be sweet if i got to see MCR in germany!!!!

so i've not been on in awhile because i have volleyball

a little about myself...

i dont know why, but i feel the need to tell you guys alittle about myself.

so in the 6th grade, i started getting a bunch of headaches and during a softball game, my eye started twitching on it's own. my mom told me i was going to see my "shakies" doctor. when i went to go see him, he didn't really know why my eye was twitching and why i was getting so many headaches.... after a couple weeks of testing, they found out what was going on. they found out i had a tumor in the back of my head. it's noncancerous, but it sits on a bunch of nerves.


1st off, i WILL be trying out for cheerleading after i get the 50 page packet for it and go to the meeting for it too. 2nd, thanks for leaving the comments on my last blog. anyways if you have directTV, the black parade is dead! is going to be playing on the 24th. just press menu button and go to scearh, and type in my chemical romance. it will pop up as my chemical romance: the black parade is dead! i think....... well. peace out killjoys!!!

p.s. my friend had seven classes today at the horse show, she got sixth place in one of them. i dont know the rest because i left early

~Zombie Massacre

i swear.....

i swear the next perso who asks me if im a lesbian or asks if i cut myself. im going to break their arms!!!! i can NOT stand it. i DON'T cut myself. and im not a lesbian!!!! (i got nothing against them, my friend is a lesbian) i hate it. at school people always ask if im a lesbian or if i cut myself. FML
my last boyfriend, everyone saw me and him kissing. i dont understand why they still ask me. its getting on my nerves.

sorry for the rant. i needed to say something about.
p.s. should i go out for cheerleading?

till next time killjoys!!

~Zombie Massacre

FML moment

ughhh... they had three of the cheerleaders from the highschool come to the middle school and talk about signing up for tryouts....the sad thing is......i kinda wanna try out.....i dont know if i should.. i think it would be fun. i think im starting to turn alittle preppy. HELP!!! but anyways, do think i sjould go for it? there's a meeting about it next week, i think.... i have to get a packet from the office at the high school. can you guys help me out here? should i go for it or not?

till next time jilljoys!

~Zombie Massacre