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ya he didnt know how to....

its 11 am and im not allowed to be on the PC.

so my dad didnt know how to milk a goat (i live on a farm) and got pissed off and started yelling at my brother and me. then he went on to list all the things we "didnt" do around the house. so no elrotntics for 2 weeks.

my little depression was getting better until my parents started yelling and shit again....

my parents verbally, emotionally/mentally (and sometimes pshically towards my brother josh) abuse me and my brother josh. never ben, who is the youngest of us 3 kids.


~Zombie Massacre


i got my ipod,phone,camaras, flip, chargers, laptop, ereader, EVERYTHING taken away for 2 weeks. it all started cause my dad didnt know how to milk the stupid goat X-X

so i wont be on unless i get free time in technology ( like right now)

tell me what you think of this

~Zombie Massacre

MSP (joy >.>)

MSP testing started today for the 7th graders...... 8th graders (me!) start may 5th.
our classes are all messed up cause of testing. i have an hour long technology class right now. >.<

my little problem is still there..................

~zombie Massacre

mother fucker

sorry i hav had volleyball. practice and games all week.

my problem at "home" isnt much better. im still having thoughts of cutting.
my father still has not been to any of my games. still,
it sucks ass.

my team won 2 out 4 games/matches today.....:/

until next time killjoys

~Zombie Massacre

screw you mom!!!

okay so a few days ago. i post this on my facebook

ME:I may look like I'm okay or say I'm okay, but truth is that I'm sure as heck not okay

this is what my mom said

MOM:There will be days that you are not going to feel okay or that the world is not right....Remember the blessing you have been given, remember that you are loved, remember that this to shall pass and the soon will rise higher and brighter again.

WTF?! really?! she'll post it on FB, but wont tell me in person!!!! WTF is wrong with her?!

is what i said not a yell for help?
i can NOT beilieve her. what a great mother she is! >.>

you guys are soo supportive

you really guys are helping me. which right now is all i can ask for, knowing that my parents wont.
im still really emotionally unstable, but it is alittle better than before.
im not thinking of cutting or killing myself as much as before. yea there's moments where i want to.
im going to tell you the truth. yesterday i came really close to killing myself, but i saw what you guys said, and my friend started texting me.
those two things combined kinda talked me out of it.
i have not started cutting or anything.
you guys are a better family than the one im living with.

i've been counting

IM OKAY (well phsycially)

as the tittle says, im okay physcially. emotionally, im on the edge of a MEGA breakdown.
there's nothing i really can do to get away from my house.
-im 14, so i just cant walk away from this
-i cant stay with family cuz their all snobby to me and my brothers (mom's side) or they live in alaska or arizona (dad's side)
- my old friends all are pissed at me for moving or something else i did

i really do not know what to do.
all i know is the 1st chance i get, im leaving my house.

i cant even call it home. only house.

please, i need to know what to do. my parents wont hear my cries of help.

its worse

my little "depression" is getting worse. i cant stand it. im starting to feel like theres no way out.
my parents dont care. they dont realize when i say im okay, that im lieing, and that im not okay at all. my littlest brother called me a bitch right now cause im on the comptur and i "go on all the time" which is utter bullshit. im fucking pissed off and depressed. and nothing's helping.
i feel like cutting myself.
i feel like taking my anger out on my brother ben cause he's an asshole.
i feel like yelling at my dad cause he doesn't support me in anyway.
i feel like screaming at my mom cause


im starting to feel more and more depressed and nothing's helping. i feel like cutting myself or worse.....killing myself. i dont know what to do. please help me

hate this

im tried of dealing with bitchy parents who only care for my little siblings. today i have my 1st volleyball game and none of my familiy is coming cause they're all going to my brother's band contest thingy. its always like this, i hate it. im school is do a trip to greece for 13 days next summer, and i badly wanna go to get away from my family, but my mom will say no cause its not in her "buget" (shes letting my brother go to DC next year). its not fair. :(

p.s. when i get home i'll post a picture of my killjoy outfit that i wore yesterday

~Zombie Massacre