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ugh its all rainy in washington today :P as much as i love the rain, im getting tired of it right now.
i got to give my 2 cows an apple. i hate it when they lick my hand to try and get the apple

i turned in my history C.B.A.
i dont like them >.< too much work for a grade...

oh and REMINDER: Gym class is a shitty way of seprating the populars from the other kids. its total bullshit. i hate it.

i have a twitter :) its KClawrenceXP
follow me!!!

i have a youtube too, its jksisters13. come check it out!
i'll have a 2nd channel soon.
my dad is still making feel fat.... he says i have to go hiking


still hate my family.
my teachers have me freaking out about high school, and my mom isnt helping much.
during class sign up. my mom is making me take the AP history class. then she got anonnyed when i said i wanna learn german and not spainish. and and for my elective, i picked a planning ofter high school class thing, she yelled at me saying it was all about me moving away. in my head i was thinking " well no shit bitch! i fucking hate here!"

god, and my parents are still playing the he's younger card, for my little brother ben.


yesterday, my dad made me go hiking.
so as we were hiking i started getting this feeling my something was blocking my airway.
i sat down and was coughing like crazy. i was trying to tell my dad that it felt like something was blocking my airway. he said this "yea, your finger. now get up and start walking. im tired of your bullshit."
what the hell is wrong with him?! some family. and he never said sorry. (he never does tho)
this just makes me hate my family more.

i swear im going to have a emtionally break


my dad is making my life worse. i cant stand it. i hate living with my so called family. im like super depressed. i feel like my life is worthless. its no use trying. my worthless. i HATE my life. my parents make sure sure its a living hell for me. :(
i hate my fucking life. i just wanna die :(
i feel like im wearing a mask at school, no one at school knows whats going on, they all think im this happy person, when really im not.

~Zombie Massacre


okay, so i signed up to be a tour reporter! i hope i get it! *fingers cross*
i badly want to meet them!!
its my dream :) but i think its all of our dreams to meet them.
it would make an AMAZING brithday present! ( even tho my brithday is in december)

sooooooo....... who's met them? got any pics of you with them? show me!!!

tell about your day too :)

p.s. i've been better lately.... if you know what im talking about ( read my blog)
peace out!!

~Zombie Massare

welcome to cow country boys........

i cant beilieve it! MCR is coming to my town! on 9/1/11 ( i think..) MCR will be at white river amp.!!! i live in auburn/enumclaw area!!! *SCREAMS!* now only if i could meet them :) i would be in heaven if i got to meet all of them and got a pic with them :)

think i would be able to be a road reporter for that?

anyways, if i did get to, i would say "welcome to cow town, boys"

haha.... that would b great :D

comment telling me if i should apply or not!

~Zombie Massacre

Talent Show!!

hey guys!
my school's talent show is coming up and just wanted to tell you guys that im going to try out!
im going to be singing Sing! i hope i make it!

anyways, just wanted to tell you that.... oh i got my ipod back!

things are still pretty bad......
well. bye!

~Zombie Massacre


my ipod is still being held captive and im LOSING it!!!!!!!
i need my chemical romance or else!!!

things are still bad.

sudical thoughts keep rushing into my mind T-T
theres no where i can go for help

please help!!!


ugh.. i have my Civic C.B.A. to do. and we only have 2 weeks to do it!!!!!
im doing mine on women's rights ( it has to do with the bill of rights)

anyways parents still hate me T-T
little brother ben still calls me a bitch.

lost my last volleyball game :(


~Zombie Massacre

~still kinda feel like cutting......

any new tour dates?

i think i speak for everyone when i ask this,
is there going to be any new tour dates? are they going to have another tour?
i badly wanna see them again!!!

anyways, time to go. its my last game for volleyball. wish me luck!!!

~Zombie Massacre