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MOTHER-WAR-13's blog

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hey :)

so remember me talking about the guy who said he wanted to kiss me at his party and shit??
well me and him are like together, but at the same time we're not. we hang out together and shit. but he's confuzzling me! we've talked about where we stand. and right now we're just friends, but we're always kissing. and starting to piss me off!
he's told me that he likes me alot but the other day he said that his one gal friend wont talk to him, i told him to just drop her (this wasnt the 1st time this has happened) his reply was "i can't!! i've liked her for the past 3 years!



1st off, i've been feeling a little better but not really the same...
2nd, im gonna list ALL of my animals

DOGS: ginger, scout, and charlie
CATS:tom,buster,bella, and pac (pac is my cat that i got yesterday!!)
GUINEA PIGS: karamel and caeser (their mine)
BUNNIES!: thumper the evil growling bunny that bites people til he see blood... (its true)
GOATS: caramel, susie, mocha, and earl
SHEEP/RAMS: ceclia, coonie, ebony, and apolla
COWS: french dip and rumproast
CHICKENS: they dont have names but theres about 8 of them
ROOSTER: his name is rocky

soo thats all of my animals!! theres 29 animals


ehh im not really in the greatest mood..... sooooo :/
my mom yelled at me last night for "pushing" my brother when i didnt.
she yelled at me for an hour staight......
my dad hates me for no reason.....

i think im slipping back into my little depression.......
help me...............

~Zombie Massacre

welcome to the black parade....

so today i was in port gamble WA ( its so pretty there)
anyways the reason i was there was for a civil war re-enactment! As i was walking around the camps and stuff i was listening to my ipod which i had put on my MCr playlist....
the song welcome to the black parade came up and i was like "OMFG!!!" i was trying not to laugh about it but that failed badly >__>
but yea..


hey guys!
my friend wants me to start a real blog because my stories seem interesting and funny.

i wanna know if i should do it.
if so..... whats a good website to start one?
i hate blogspot, so a different one please :)
also what would i call it?

leave your comments please :)

keep running killjoys!!

~Zombie Massacre

end of the school year

half way thro the school year i had to switch schools cause what happen to my littlest brother. the school didnt do anything to help.
i now go to school in enumclaw.
my last day as an 8th grader is on friday.
and it marks the begining of my high school career.
im nerous to start high school, i mean i barely no any one at TMMS. and its not highline schools any more.
i have to meet ALOT of new people, while when i was in highline i knew a bunch of people at different schools.
im scared about this...
im nerous.. but werent we all?
its a big change for me, from middle school to high school.

Thank you :")

when i 1st made a blog about me being depressed i didnt execpt anyone to care what was going on in my life at the time.

i was wrong....
you guys told to stay strong and that you were there for me if i wanted to talk to someone.
i started crying... i felt like i really belonged. i felt like i could turn to someone, which i can. you guys have helped me sooo much. i want to thank you guys so much for being there in my time of need. you really did help me, and i hope you'll be there again when i need you.

i will always be there for you too.


soooo after everyone left it was just me,him, and two other girls.
we started playing spin the bottle cause he wanted to....
(girls hugged or kissed one another cheeks)

we ended up kissing sooooooooooo many times >.<
i enjoyed it every much :)

haha the bottle kept landing on me when he spinned it, and it always landed it on him..
great time :)

~Zombie Massacre


okay so the guy i like, its his b-day party tomorrow.
we both like eachother, but i really dont know where we stand.
on tuesday he said he was planning on kissing me at his party but then he said i dont think i will anymore.
that made me sad :(
so im wondering if he's gonna kiss me or not!! ugh!!
he's also sending mix signals!!! ah!!!!! i hate when guys do that!!! im sooo lost :(
he's also been pulling me out of my depressing mood lately :D so that a bonus!

well peace out killjoys!!

~Zombie Massare


im really sad right now guys. im BEST BEST BEST friend told me she's moving to the UK. :( i need her here in washington!!!!!!

~Zombie Massacre