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MOTHER-WAR-13's blog

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my mom told me and my brothers a few weeks ago that she was done with the shop ( bride's outlet)
but every time she tries to quit, she gets a phone call from emily rose crying and telling she need to come back because the replacement messed up, or isn't doing anything right.

i hate this. she keeps telling us lies. i cant stand it.
her ONLY daughter/ oldest child is ging into high school this year. and i feel like sdhe could careless whats going on in my life. this is not fair to me. i feel like she cares more about my little brother ben, who is starting middle school this year.

who am i going

help me

help me guys, im slipping back into my depressed mood again. i dont know what to do. i feel like crying ALL the time, im thinking about ways to kill myself and what would happen if i die, i feel the urged to cut. im shaking as i type this. PLEASE i dont know what to do, im family doesnt care about me, please tell me what i should do!!!!!!!!!

~Zombie Massacre

truth 5, i'm scared of my thoughts right now


Gerard Way:
[] Born in April
[] You've been addicted to alcohol and/or drugs
[x] Born a leader
[x] You love drawing and you do it well
[x] You love singing
[x] You don't take crap from anyone
[x] You're afraid of needles
[] You call your friends by their last names instead of their first
[x] You have siblings and love them
[] You have brown/green eyes

Mikey Way:
[] Born in September
[]You play bass
[] You have asthma
[x] You are near-sighted
[x] You wear glasses
[x] You've had the urge to stick a fork in the toaster (i've done this hurts like HELL)
[] Seen as the



LOL sorry just feeling random right now!

i still wanna learn how to play guitar, just dont think its the right time to ask my mom for a left handed model..... :/
she kinda mad at me right now so yea.......

keep running killjoys!

truth 3. i write alot of depressing poetry.....


hey guys,
so awhile ago i told my mom that i want to learn how to play guitar. she's all "thats great you have your own guitar to practice with and im sure theres some good videos on how to play"
umm... im a lefty,i really think i should use a lefty model.. and the only guitars in the house are my dad's and he gets pissed when we touch them. and i would really like a LIVE person to teach me (im weird that way, i HAVE to have someone in front of me telling me how to do something)
i really didnt tell my mom that cause she'll yell at me in the end wont let me do it, but im going to

to de_tox6 and anyone who wants to know why

my brothers and i dont really get along, we tend to fight and yell REALLY hurtful things at eachother alot.
my father like to be an ass and say really fucked up shit to me or one of my brothers, in which he thinks is very funny, my dad's father was alaska's state crime profiler or something along the lines of that, so my father humor is VERY VERY fucked up. he does not know when something is hurtful.
there's other things i could say but that would take a loooooooooooooong time to type, anyways living with my brothers and dad is very hard for me cause im the only girl besides my mom.


random shizz

*sigh* i wanna learn how to play guitar :/

my mom is leaving me with my brothers and dad for a whole week!!!

help me :(

my cat likes to type >.> while im typing

hey guys i haven't been on in awhile. so... heres what happened at my family renion..
colton, jill, austin (the guy i've been talking about) my brothers and myself were playing truth or dare and i had ask jill "who would you marry, fuck, and kill." she gave me her answer. ( my cat keeps trying to type right now >.>) then she asked Austin the same question..... lets just say im kinda upset about his answer..... :(

anyways me and him haven't been talking lately. i guess maybe i should get over myself and just forget about him, cause me and him are never going to be more than friends...



my mom finally got me the tickets for the concert!!! ekkkkkkk!!!! she got 3 tickets! one for a parent to take me, me, and my friend kim (the one who dressed up like mother war) :)

do you have your tickets yet?

keep running killjoys!

~zombie Massacre

family and 100 truths

okay so...
i have my family renion on friday. and my friend austin ( the guy i've been talking about) wants to come with. i would love it if he came (my mom said it would be fine if he came) but im still kinda pissed about what happened (last blog i talked about it) should i talk to him about it when we get there?

also! i'll be doing a 100 truths blog soon, some of them are gonna be really depressing others are gonna be stupid and funny, but hey its the truth.

so please tell me what i should do about austin.

keep running killjoys!

~Zombie Massacre