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MOTHER-WAR-13's blog

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worse :(

hey :( ive been stressing about school since day 1, and my thoughts of killing myself got really overwhelming that i called my friend paige and just sat there bawling my eyes out to her, and shes had a shitter life. i felt so selfish about.....

ive starte doing this thing where i hit my hips over and over again, harder harder every time. i end up with big black bruises on my hips which make it hard to walk :(

guy what should i do?? please help :((

~Zombie Massacre


so my friends josh and faith are going to audtion with me :)
josh says we dont get to choose what part we're audtioning for :p we just get up there and sing, is what he says..... sooooo imma sing Cancer for mine >:) but... do you guys have any other songs you think i should sing? tell me :)

oh! look up Tori Whitten on youtube, and tell me what you think of her singing, (i go to school with her)
i really dont like her singing :P sorry :/ i feel like shes screaming into the mic....


~Zombie Massacre

les miserables

so my school is doing les miserables and im thinking of audationing....... should i? it isnt till about the middle of oct. (the school is doing dracula right now) i have seen the play, i saw it on aug 23rd at the 5th avene threatere in seattle....... :/ im thinking about it, i think it would be fun. now i dont want a BIG part where i'll be singing thru out the whole thing...... who should i play? :)

~Zombie Massacre


comment if you saw me!!!
i was wearing a bvb shirt, blue skinnys, and i had purple streaks in my hair.
i also had a fox hoddie on with green and black vans

why auburn/ emunclaw?

so if you read frank's blog then you know that their drummer stole from them at the Seattle (it was really in Auburn/Emunclaw area) concert (i was at it!) but why would the drummer steal? what in his mind said, im going to steal from the band? they welcomed him into the family, but he turned around and destroyed their relationship together as a band and as friends. lets only hope that MCR finds a drummer who wont betray them. hey maybe bob can come back :)

questionof the day: what are auburn and emunclaw's nicknames for eachother?

keep running killjoys!

~Zombie Massacre


FUCK! you guys i had cutted myself when i was shaving my legs, as one of you said, it felt good for like 5 mins, now i feel like crap >.<

and i cant stop, im sorry..........

keep running killjoys!

~Zombie Massacre

please help

im still derpressed as hell, and my parents arent making it any better. :( i really dont know what to do, and im starting to think i should cut, like really, whenever i hold something sharp, like a knife or sissors, i feel the need to bring it down on my wrist and just slice the skin open!!!:( these thought are really scaring me :(

i also have volleyball tryouts next week and if i were to cut, what would my friend say if she saw them?

you guys im really starting to scare im myself more and more with these thoughts, i want them gone and out of my head!!!

keep running killjoys!


site model

so im a site model now for star dust modeling, my best friend paige runs it.
:/ im not really the model looking chick.
i dont have the great of self esteem too...

keep running killjoys!

~Zombie Massacre

new account?

hey guys! im thinking of starting a new account cause i want to use my killjoy name.
should i?

anyways today is warped tour in washington and i badly wanted to go :( i have to wait for next year and hope to god that black veil brides and blood on the dance floor will be there!!!

today is one of my brother's friend (girl) birthday! shes a really good family friend too!
love ya guys! got go make my friends gift!!

keep running killjoys!!

~Zombie Massacre!

truth 8. my cat is overweight and named PAC!!! lol its true!


i wish i could meet MCR and maybe talk to them :/

anyways i got a new sketchbook, so im gonna try and get as many bands/artists to sign the cover.

tell me who you wanna meet

keep running killjoys!!

(still little depressed)

~Zombie Massacre

truth 7(?). im naturally blonde (i dyed my hair dark dark brown, almost black)