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MCR saved my life....

My Chemical Romance saved my life, just like everyone of its fans.
but heres my story.
when i first found out about MCR, it was october 2010. my friend had my mom make her a mother war costume. that was the start of it all. everyday i listened to them. everyone of their songs, i felt connected to them. i felt like i could actually face the day and not have to feel depressed or ashamed of what other people were saying about me behind my back.

happy 15th birthday to me! -.-

so my birthday is tomorrow. the 23rd! whoohoo! im turning 15, so that means i have 3 years left, before i can...
1. dye my hair all crazy colors
2. get all the tattoos i want
3. get all the pierecings (fail) i want!
4. move the fuck away from this torture chamber called "home"

anyways. alot has happened between the time of my last blog. i got a boyfriend! but i dumped him today because i realised we knew nothing about eachother, and he was moving way to fast for me.
im in my school's spring musical!!!! Les Mis!! im soo happy!
my mom's cancer was thought to be coming back, but turned out it


holy crapppp any one follow MCR on twitter?! they said "Mama's always gtta backtrak...@neontrees #EVERYBODYTALKS 12.7.11" anyone thinking the same thing as me? i have a feeling it deals with the black parade.... maybe re-recording it? idk. we'll find out on 12.7.11 i guess :)

not much....

not much is going on...... i found out that i like sitting in my friend Rebecca's locker at lunch and before school :)

~Zombie Massare

P.S. whats going on with you guys?


so theres this guy at my school (hes a freshmen) and hes a BIG player. and all he wants is sex from his girlfriends. and all his past girlfriends are my friends, so me and rebecca deicided that we're going toy to with him (not like that!) until he asks me out, then we're gonna turn down in a very evil way >;]

sooooooooo thats it for now!


~Zombie Massacre


fucking great... im in AP human geography (advance placement or honors) my FRESHMAN year of highschool, and im failing. like i have an F- right now. and my mom has been yelling at me NON STOP about it. and im like over my breking point right now. my hips are black and blue once more, and the pulsing feeling i get around sissors is more and more harder to control. my phone is taking away so i cant talk to syndicate right now. my ipod is gone too, so IM GOING CRAZY CAUSE OF LACK OF MUSIC!! its only been an houre thought,,,,,,,,,,, seems like a year.....

truly sorry guys :(


finidhing up.........

finishing up my killjoy jacket..... :3 it looks amazing if i do say so myself, after im done imma write down the lyrics in my head.

i went to oktomberfest yesterday :) pictures from it ------->
paige( black and blonde hair), claire (blonde one with blue hoodie) and nathan (the only dude XD)

umm...... im going to see paranomra activity 3 2mow with my friends.
imma be laughing the whole time :3 i laugh at ALL horror movies i watch.

sooooo. yea..

i talked to syndicate today, i missed her first two times she called me, cause i was drawing and listening to my ipod at full blast XD so sorry:) then

my dream

i have this dream to start a band, and one day be like MCR and A7X, and all those other bands. yet im just 14 years old i dont really think i can sing (ive been told i suck :/) i cant play guitar, i can only play the oboe (which i guess is one of the hardest insterments) but i still have that dream. i want to happen badly :? i want to make it in the world and always let the fans know that, im there for them 100% that its okay to be different.
ive been told by my mom that she would get me a guitar and get me lessons, but that hasnt happened yet. :/

i have a band name ;) i just need people to



~Zombie Massacre
keep running killjoys!!

OCTOMBERFEST (spelled it wrong)

so my school is celebating octomberfest on the 27th..... oh dear.... i told my friend i would go with her cause her boyfriend doesnt want to go. i wonder how this is gonna end.....

(still smacking my hips guys :/ my left hip is really swollen and hurts to move.)

im going to the pumkin patch 2mow in enumclaw WA :)


~Zombie Massacre

p.s. any one know The Monroes? the lead singer reminds me of gerard.... they found me on youtube and twitter 0.o