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MOTHER-WAR-13's blog

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im really sorry to be posting a upseting blog today. but i have to.
i guess i'll start by saying that you could say MCR saved my life. heres why. my life isnt the happiest. my mom hates me. my dad basiclly said he wants to shoot me. my brothers are mad at me right now cause i guess i made my mom storm out of the house. schools no better. my boyfriend dumped me in the middle of class (he wont tell me why). he started going out with the new girl the next day who happens to be my friend. oh and i walked in on them making out. that was like a slap to the face.


just a little random blog about crap.......but one thing 1st........
okay. now on to other things. yesterday i got my haircut. its no longer past my chest. its at my shoulder now, where it was until i grew my hair out. im thinking of getting chopyer layers. soooo.....ya...
til next time killjoys!

~Zombie Massacre

fun time in seattle

so my mom and my brother got to go to pike place market. i just love it there. the sounds, the smells, the tastes, and the people.


hey killjoys. being on spring break, my mom has chosen to take me and my brothers into seattle and go to pike place market, im going to wear MCR shirt and my yellow skinny jeans, if you see me, plz come up to me cuz i wanna take a picture with you :) soo......til next time killkoys!

-Zombie Massacre


you must hav a facebook and you must be logged in to see it. i hope that helps/works
copy the link then past it into the screachbar.

link not working

hey guys. i got a comment saying tht the link isnt working. im sorry about that! i'll try to find a different way to upload the picture. it will be up today!!! or torromow......... idk when, but it will be soon.

~Zombie Massacre

mother war outfit

hey killjoys. i cant get the picture to upload. but heres a link!/photo.p...

if you copy it then add it into the scearch bar, it should take you to the picture on my facebook. add me if you want. just say your from and i'll add you. sorry for typos. its like 11 pm and im watching some random movie my brothers picked. soooooo peace out!

p.s. i have a wattpad (nekothekittycat13) and a youtube (jksisters13) check them out!

til next time killjoys!

~Zombie Massacre aka MOTHER-WAR-13 aka kelsey


hey killjoys. just wanted to say that i finally got a killjoy name!!!! it took me forever to find the perfect one! im now Zombie Massacre! i really dont care if you dont like it or not. oh and also im in the making of making my killjoy outfit. i'll post videos/ pictures soon! till next next time!!


okay you guys! i wanted to ask you guys. does MCRMY have a t-shirt? if not should i make one and show you guys so you could tell me if you like it or not? post a comment anwsering my questions. or send me a message/email!!

~MOTHER-WAR-13 aka kelsey lawrence

i laugh at what he said

okay. so at the MCR concert in seattle, gerard said "GIVE ME ALL YOUR FUCKING MONEY!!" before he started singing vampire money. i found super funny. if you dont, not my prob. anyways just alittle quote from the seattle concert. i wish i got to meet them :/ if i ever get to meet them in real life, i'd be sooooooooo happy. but i guess we all would, rite?