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so much has changed since the last time I was on the website.....
anyways I probably wont be on here anymore, since it hurts just a little too much.

but anyways, I am on tumblr, its, just search for unnatuerlich in the search bar and I should come up :)

please feel free to message me on there if you need anyone to talk too <3
its doesn't matter how stupid it is!
im more than willing to listen to anything you have to say.


the heart

the heart hurts so much, I feel like crying my eyes out. this shouldn't have happened. why is it happening? please, gerard, frank, ray, and mikey, give us the reason why. who will I turn to when it gets worse?


[Post edited: Please refrain from posting about self harm as it is against the rules you agreed to when you signed up for the website and is distressing for others]

3. No self harm posts
If you are feeling like you may harm yourself please contact someone who can help.

Call 1-800-273-8255 or visit or You can also contact The Trevor Project at or by calling their Lifeline at 866-488-7386.

depressed, i guess? but hey im going to warped tour this year :/

yup im going to warped tour this year, its going to be the 1st concert i go to without a parent (praise the lord) and my mom is getting me the jump the line passes (fingers cross on that)

butt what i really want to talk about is that ive been getting more depressed lately, which means i've slipped up a couple of times (if you get where im going with that) i havent really been eating much since chirstmas, making me lose a couple of pounds.


As many of us have mention today on this one website for the one band that has saved our lives all those years, 9/11 took place today. and im so upset with the school district today. No one remembered today. nothing was mentioned. they do a big assembly every year for rachel's challege, but nothing for 9/11. completely pisses me off. but in merory of 9/11 i wore the black ribbon, did any one else do that?



schools gonna start soon and im sooooooooooooo happy! (did nothing fun this summer, had to work) and i'll be away from my dad all day :) cant stand him anymore.
and i may get to go on the german trip next year!!!!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAA! so excited!!!!!
anyways we got our schedules today, and heres mine

!. German 1-2
2. English 3-4
4. Geometry
5. World History
6. Art and Design

:) so happy with my schedule! got the classes i wanted!
also my brother (whos a freshman this year, im a sophmore) in my geometry class!!! so funny!!! (we really wanted to be in geometry and greman


mom told me i could get my learner's permit......... WTF she told me in i didnt get my grades up to all b's i cant get it. now she's saying that just for when i get my actual driver's lisnease ( so wrongly spelt) this is just fucked up, oh and she's always talking about my friends and how some of them have started driver's ed and that they've been driving around. it just pisses me off, i will not be able to drive until im a senior..... FUCKED UP


*sigh* schools out now! thank god!
my last day was today and i just hung out in the choir room with some friends the whole day.
ummm....... im going back to my blonde hair, (for those you did know, i had dyed my hair black-brown for like a year) soooo a had to bleach it, and it looks like gerard's hair when he bleachs it, but a little more red in some areas.
ummm...... soo..... WHOS GOING TO WARPED TOUR IN WASHINGTON??? i need/ want to go soooooooooooooooooooooooo badly this year!!!! but dont think that will happen, so i need to some how raise the money for a ticket.... :/ anyways me and my

gothic circus?

hey i wanna sketch this clothing line (costumes) around the theme of a gothic circus, could you guys help me out by giving me names to all the people you would see at a circus? like the ringmaster?


Blogs are all gone. great? does MCR want us to have a fresh start? or is the website acting up cause of some glich?