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why i have to be a stupid bitch??!!

Well, I'm on exam week today (on school, unfortunately) and the guy that I LIKED treated me so bad and broke my heart. I promised to myself never love him. But today when he asked me :what exams we have tomorrow?. I completely get lost in his face, I forgot everything that I was thinking,I started to get struggle to talk him, my hands were cold and the last thing that I wanted was starting to shake. And... I did. I was thinking: answer him! But my girl-friend helped me and I just get like a stupid in front of him.

Please help me! I don't want to live loving somebody that doesn't love me!

Vote 4 the bandana color

Months ago I finished my helmet and bandana design for my killjoy outfit and I want you to vote for the bandana color. I don't know if you can see them but they are the two spots beside the helmet. I would like your opinion of the helmet too, every opinion matters!

I'm turning into A KID FROM YESTERDAY

Today I'm turning 17 and it sucks. My teenage time is dying and all I want to do today is hearing the kids from yesterday over and over again. In the morning I started to cry for listening that song and I started to remember all the crazy things that I've done. All the decisions that I'm going to take are going to be permanent for the rest of my life, and all the things that I'm going to do are becoming into memories that maybe ill not remember when I get older any time.
The party is over for me.
Is it ok feeling nostalgic in your birthday?
Please help!

Fucking homework!

Well... It's 1 am where I live and I'm going to be very busy today (later)and I have to do my school homework before I leave at 3 am, fuck! I'm very sleepy right now! (Hearing my chem is cheering me up to continue)

Why me??!!

This just happened yesterday

I have to do a scholar project with my friends, and we need to earn money somehow, so we went to the park to sell pizzas, and I started to scream: pizza! $1 the piece!. And no one heard, and I screamed again: pizza! $1 the pie... I burp so loud that everybody that were around me (including my friends), turned around and stared at me. Shit! that was embarrassing!

I want one!

Cat ears that moves whit your neural activity
I really want it!

Bully at home

I'm sick of this life, I have enough with the people that make fun of me at school and judge me. But now in my own house I have a stupid brother that treat me like a stupid slave, maid and he insult me in front of my parents and they don't do nothin but when I insult him they yell at me. And my brother is older than me. I want to scape from that jail.

Trust no one

It was really MY LIFE AS LIZ at the valentines's dance episode

A month ago was a school dance because of the senior year wanted to collect founds for their final project. My "friends" wanted to go so they pushed me to go, and I accepted. When I arrived to the disco, they were not there! I was holding to a decoration tube like a stupid asshole, a rejected. Four minutes later that I arrived I called my brother to take me home. And he asked why so early and I lied that it was very boring. That's why I don't trust no one.

Ready... set... SHOT!

I almost finish my killjoy laser gun! But.... Fuck! I don't know what else can I add for the painting! Suggestions please.
I have already ended my killjoy outfit woooohooooo!
And... Thanks for voting for the color jacket I already finish it.


Hey! I'm creating my killjoy outfit and I need some opinions about what color should I color my jacket so... Please vote for the one that you like the most and finally finish it. Vote #1 : the blue one
#2: the white one
#3: the black one