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When I was about 8 years, I moved out from an old rented house, I used to see ugly faces on the wood ceiling, the new house was scary, you could hear echoes, the first night my cousin( she is like my sister) and I slept on my new bedroom, we were small so we fit on a bed together, there was no doors yet. It was around 3 a.m. we started to hear ugly sounds and minutes later we saw a huge dark shadow of a bald man walking in front of my bedroom, we started to pry and then the sounds stopped, IT WAS ONE OF THE MOST TRAUMATIC THINGS THAT EVER HAPPENED TO US.

Don't call me crazy but I think a spirit is chasing me, I'm scared

I went to my cousin's house to spend the new year celebration with them, obviously I wasn't home, I went to the second level to grab my phone charger, when I got upstairs the tv just turned on by itself and I saw the control of the tv and it was on the coffee table and nobody was there.

The first time making a rage picture

Opinions and tips are welcome!!!

Omg! this is not happening to MCR! I'm crying right now! :'(

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE IS BREAKING UP! :'''( I just saw it on Mtv few minutes ago I'M FUCKING DYING, I CAN'T IMAGINE MY LIFE WITHOUT THEM. I'M JUST CRYING I'M LIKE IN SHOCK. I'm just kidding :) happy fools day! :) (on my country it is)

Oh shit! I don't want to go to the hospital again!!!

I have kidney problems, and it's starting to hurt me :( I don't wanna go to the hospital again! I mean that I don't want to spend my last days of my summer break on stupid dates with doctors. Wish me luck

let's make Mcr be proud of their killjoys
this is what they want 4 xmas
frank gets me

I hate xmas, is boring and annoying! And frank is right: xmas songs sucks!

frank gets me

I hate xmas, is boring and annoying! And frank is right: xmas songs sucks!