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You will wake up without your penis!! I'm serious!!!!

Searching information about the break up I found on wikipedia that it is a bout a fucking prank, the page said 2001-2013 and now 2001- present that was cruel and an reconforting that it is supposed to be a prank. If I discover who did it I WILL CUT YOUR WEINER!

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We all. love you

No matter what we do or say, the decision is made.We are all gonna miss you, MCR have been part of our lives, helping us to face the world and see the beauty of the world. They taught us to love ourselves no matter our outside. They showed us the light in this dark world, we all love you and we will remember you forever, MCR will always be on our hearts.

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Give me your opinion!

I know that is cheese because I wrote it for my crush and please give me your opinion.

Lie me
Bring me down
All I know could be fake

Save me
Take me out
All you know could be true

I get lost on your eyes
Because they shine so bright
With your smile you hipnotize
I think it's just from my mind

I can't denied it anymore
I get lost anytime more
The hole of my chest is closed
Can you find the meaning of my words?

Ok that's the song, is not finished yet but I think I exaggerated a little bit but OPINIONS PLEASE!

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Guys, you know what?? I'm STUPID!

It's about my last blog and I just explained her everything by phone text and I still don't get an answer. I should wait until tomorrow to talk to her, not texting her. I'M SO STUPID

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guys I need your help

Today my crush made his friend tell me that he likes me but My friend loves him and I tried to message her that I like him and he likes Me, but she never answered. Should I keep trying or never say something about it to her? I know that I,'m being selfish but please help!!

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Naruto anyone???

Hey! I wanna know if anybody watch Naruto or... The legend of korra or Aang??? Did you knew that Naruto die? I just found out! That changed the perspective I had for that cartoon

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I want to go to that church

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Gerard, we all know that about your nose

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I'm worried too

[quote=MCRMelissa]Ok, so yesterday I found out about Mikey and Alicia and how he has apparently been cheating on her. But I don't understand why everyone is hating on him and ripping him out of MCR posters. He's still part of the band no matter what and I think as fans of the band we should be supporting them when they make choices. At the end of the day were only human and we can't be perfect, so I don't think anyone should expect him to be perfect, he did one thing! That's all, and now everyone hates him...

Then I heard that Frank has been writing really depressing poetry which could possibly be about Gerard. And that Ray and Christa have had their baby, or that its on the way. And Gerard decided to talk about pickles because everything is going crazy.