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Have you heard the new news from Gerard?

Well it says that the killjoys comic is over it means that he isis not going to continue the comic, and he is going to make a solist record. And that he is on an internal fight of being a dad ( the rumor of lyn-z's pregnancy, it could be fake but I don't know)or a rocker

What does Gerard means with that?

A girl posted to Gerard on twitter a frerard pic but Gerard didn't block her. He retwitted her with the picture of the bleeding Jesus feet. What does he mean?!Then he wrote what the second picture says. I don't know, that is a little confusing because he went to msi concert where death spells played too but it was no signal that Gerard and Frank had any kind of contact ( since the breaking up of the band) I'M NOT a fucking preepie posser shit that is obsessed with Frerard but at least I know that MAYBE at the beginning they had something... I don't know but it's confusing.

a killjoy took this photo minutes ago

Oh crap!!! She's so lucky!! And Gerard still look young and sexy as always

.ajdjmsaobsh: this is how is written hello in martian lengauge

I can be childish so what? I act mature when I have to. Adventure time would extremely awesome if the creators draw it as anime. Just saying

I felt like it was a war or something

It was raining and water mixed with soil entered to my house.It was raining very hard, the rain drops sounded like a gun fight, the wind take off a my dog's roof.And now my mom said I have to help to clean up but I'm too lazy so I'm here taping this, locked on my bedroom and this blog is pretty lame.... I'm bored... And I don't wanna do my homework and I draw this

Time to go to the black parade

on many social networks it is announced that the killjoys will watch Welcome to the black parade on You tube today 03/30/2013 just to honor and remember what MCR means to us

If somebody wanna talk I'm here
look at the new tweet from gerard
MCR don't give up! it is just the record label!

MCR will never say goodbye to all their fans on 5 fucking lines, I think it was reprise records or the warner ones who wrote that and My Chemical Romance is giving up just for some legal problems, they never taught us that! They always said keep the faith, keep running, I 'm not afraid to keep on living and it's our time to say to them that They will never fight alone and if it's true what I'm saying let's spread the word and help them to get over this. They are our heroes they saved our lives but now it's our time.

If they eliminated this is because can be true Read the picture

It can't be a mistake that I didn't post it because I saw it on my blog accout, they erased my last two blows from the general publications on community, it's maybe because can be true