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Wanna be friends??

I would like to fill that bookcase with a lot of comics,I like drawing and playing the guitar, I´m kind of obseced with the sims 3, I´m writting a story for my own comic book, The most part of the time I can be indifferent to the emotions but there is a part of me trying to find my demolition lover (that´s cheesy, I know), I can be funny, friendly and crazy BUT there is something that really mess me up and it´s the ¨SOCIAL ANXIETY¨, I don´t have many friends becuase of that, It´s extremely hard for me trying to meet people, but behind the computer and cellphone I feel safe, because I know

who is in?

I'm going to write a story about fiction, action and romance and I will publish it on slasheaven and post art about it on deviantart so if you are interested comment about your character (you) I need
Body type:
Details:(personality, etc)
If many people answer at this I'll post it here.

MCR 2014??!


killjoys who do this should feel like a piece of crap

She is awesome and she doesn't deserve to feel that way JUST SAYING

My sim looks like gerard!


Have a cool day!!!!
a message to you: Killjoys

Today marks one year since the last time I wanted to end it all, I also want this day to be marked as a promise never to hurt and stop mourning and wanting to stop existing because that makes you a coward and that's not okay. From today I will always keep running and looking beyond the bad memories just to go ahead on life I'm 18 AND next year I'll start going to the university.Thank you My Chemical Romance, Thank you Killjoys, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE PART OF MY HEART AND LIFE.

lumpy space princess

I made this image because I was bored. Who likes Adventure Time?

i made it

It's so crappy that you can just add one picture