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I watch this when I feel crappy, there's two parts but I can only post one :P

So I've come up with this conclusion. After several days of being extremely depressed and falling back into old habits, I stopped for a second at two in the morning today and said to myself,

"I am so tired of hating myself" and my repeating record of self beating up didn't respond.

I will admit that when I woke up the next morning I was depressed but I looked at this quote I had found a few days ago that went like this,

"I am, by nature, a dealer in words; and words are the most powerful drug known to man.”

My Life's Playlist

My Life's Playlist

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question below, type the song that’s playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the nextbutton
6. Don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool …

Opening Credits:
Next Girl- The Black Keys

First Day At School:
I'm Not The One- The Black Keys

Falling In Love :
MakeDamnSure- Taking Back Sunday (lol!)

Breaking Up:
I Got Mine- The Black Keys

Stay Awake -All Time Low

Mental Breakdown:

Around My Head - Cage The Elephant

I Feel...

Like curling up into my blanket and sleeping for an eternity...

What I love or what I need?

Do you do what you love in life or do you do what will keep paying the bills that you somewhat love?

Fake Your Death

Okay the picture of my super excited face when I recieved fake your death! Haha I waited until the end of March to post this! C:
PS I had just gotten out of the shower haha

Looking for a Job?

I'm currently looking for a job and I have applied to a few places, this would be my FIRST job. I am so nervous D: I find it hard to talk to people and work with other people a lot of the time, any advice ? Or recommendations for a first time job?


I just saw Divergent. And I must read the books now! I know I was one of those people this time haha nah im kidding. But the movie on it's own was amazing! Im super excited for the trilogy! Btw the actress that plays Tris has amazing hair! Oh I wish my hair was that thick and shiny haha eh its close enough lol that's what I get for bleaching it xD lol.


I love my boyfriends dog! His name is Chance. He's kinda quirky and sneezes a bunch when he gets really excited and runs his head across the floor after a bath. But never the less we love him so much <3
Anyways I thought this picture was really cute!

May death never stop you!

My boyfriend totally emptied the box and reclosed it then hid the shirt and cd somewhere xD haha needless to say it did make me way more excited! Anyways had to take a picture, so excited. Knew today would be awesome! Ill wait til the end of the month to post pictures! I had it on here then realized I didnt want to spoil it!

And this is why...

Reality hurts so much.
I think this is why I prefer to keep my head stuck in a book most of the time and have my earphones stuck to my ears all day.
Because reality hurts so much.
And when I'm reading a book or comic I can get lost and be in a completely different world.
Anyone else?
Maybe it's unhealthy but I like my way of coping.
It's better than how I had coped in the past.