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I'm Not that Bad Right?

Otaku: an avid collector or enthusiast, esp. one who is obsessed anime, video games, or computer and rarely leaves home.

So I am not that bad, but I will admit that I listen to a decent amount of J-pop and watch animes when I an suppose to be doing my school work. I also collect tons of anime pics. I find them useful in expressing my feelings at the moment. It works like an ever changing profile pic. Just like My Chem has a song for every mood I am in, anime has a pic, which I sometimes caption, for the same. I find when using this type of media that one cannot get their true feelings across. This is why I do not text. Plus I really really suck at it!

Just thought I would share this with anyone that finds it hard to express themselves.

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Thank You So Much!

Thank you to everyone commented on my post. It made me feel really good to know that there are people that care out there. *crying tears of joy* No seriously I am! ^-^

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Not So Out Of Place

A lot of people have told me constantly that I have no right to be a fan of MCR. They say I do not understand the lyrics or the style of the band and that I am too old to get the messages that they send. The funny thing is, this is exactly the reason that I do love the band. I can identify with the lyrics even now in life. When I was in high school there were no bands that I could identify with. It was either gangster rap, pop music, dance, or grunge. I was not about anarchy or going against the grain, I just wanted to know that there was some one out there that felt like me. Being fat and ugly did not help either for attracting unwanted attention. I wish MCR had been around back then. I may not have done some of the stupid things I did or tired and made the bad decisions that I choose.

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Stupid Batteries!

For my sons 16th birthday, I took him to his very first real concert. He claims he saw Rascal Flatts, but that does not count for me. I chose the Honda Civic Tour because it had MCR of course, but also Blink was a nice added touch. The show was awesome and MCR blew me away with their live performance! I saw Blink 10 years ago and they were pretty much the same so really not impressed. MCR however....WOW!!! I am no spring chicken, but you would have not known that. I spent the entire hour on my feet fist in the air jumping up and down and singing my lungs out! The only downside was just as MCR hit the stage...THE BATTERIES IN MY CAMERA DIED!!!!! I still had a little juice left to get some pics, but I could not zoom in or refocus to another spot and I could not take ANY video! :(

Hopefully next time I see MCR in will be in a place where I can take pics and video and I will bring a ton of extra batteries so this does not happen again!