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I Forgot How Much Fun It Was!

Yesterday I had a rough day at work. I had to clean the walls on my knees and it hurt like a bitch! I have fibromyalgia so I have great pain in my knees, but i did not want to complain. After I got home I was exhausted and my son said I fell asleep at the computer doing school work, he sent me to bed. I was relaxing watching anime and he made me dinner. it was just grill cheese, but it tasted so good after being around salad and soup all day. I had forgotten I had a friend coming over and felt really bad, but Liz is a good natured kid, she is about 13 years younger than me, who I like working and hanging out with. She curled up on the bed with me and munched on M&M's and watched anime with me while randomly bullshitting during the opening and closing. it was the nicest two hours I have spent in a long time. It is not something that you'll get to do to much when you grow up. Just veg out with a good friend and do nothing. Thanks Liz!

Venomous Eyes

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Why Do People Do That?!

Why is it when a band move in a different direction or just decides to mature a little, everyone gets all upset and says that they are selling out!? I mean really, they did it with Greenday when Nimrod came out and Good Riddance became everyone graduation song, they did it to My Chem when danger days came out and they were not wearing black anymore, and now they are doing with The Offspring and Days Go By. I happen to really like the album and what the hell is wrong with feel good songs that make you want to bounce?! I still hear the same awesome bass that made me a fan in the first place, so WTF people!? Sorry just needed to rant a bit.

Venomous Eyes

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Not A Great Start So Far

So I just found out that my stupid boss forgot to put in my vacation time last week so I did not get a paycheck this week! How and I suppose to go a week without any money?! I am so pissed right now! My kids are trying to cheer me up by playing Weird Al videos and it is sort of working, but I am doing school work at the same time so I have my school music on which consists of The Offspring, Disturbed, Imagine Dragons, Greenday, and of course My Chem. This music always cheers me up. I offered to work on my day off, which feels stupid now. I just want to hang out at home and chill with my younger and older kids. Sometimes responsibility sucks. Just found out that The Offspring is coming to my area in September and I am so stoked! I should be able to afford the tickets for myself, my son, and his girlfriend. I just have to get my son's dad to agree. *cross fingers* These are a picture of my younger kids. They can always brighten my day.

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Wow, I Don't Post This Much To Facebook!

Okay that is a total lie. So while I was waiting for someone to give me the magic formula to generate a Killjoy name for myself, I inadvertently found something on Facebook. The problem was I did not like the choices and they sounded anything, but random. I looked at the name and the word venom and poison came up a million times at least. I got bored and went back to searching anime pics, like I don't have enough already. While i was searching I found this one. I thought, "Now that is a Killjoy full of venom!" I kept focusing on the eye patch and then it hit me! I have a ring that looks like the all seeing eye of Sauron, actually it is my engagement ring! I put two and two together and came up with this: Venomous Eye! So what do you think?

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For S&G

1. If someone says 'Are you okay?' you say?
Stupify- Disturbed

2. How would you describe yourself?
The Sickness-Disturbed

3. What do you like in a guy/girl?
Jet Star & The Kobra Kid/Traffic Report-Duh MCR!

4. How are you feeling today?
Dosed-Chili Peppers

5. What is your life's purpose?
A Lot Like Me-The Offspring

6. What's your motto?
What Happened To You?-The Offspring ( That one is pretty funny! ^0^)

7. What do your friends think of you?
Lake Pontchartrain- Ludo (I think this one is about a murder cover up, but you can decide!)

8. What do your parents think of you?
None of Your Business- Salt and Peppa

9. What do you think about very often?
Dead- MCR

10. What is 2 + 2?
Enid-The Barenaked Ladies

11. What do you think of your best friend?
Castles and Dreams- Blackmore's Night

12. What is your life story?
Last of The American Girls- Greenday

13. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Fix You- The Offspring

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Kind of Stupid Question

I know this is going to sound crazy, but how do you generate your Killjoy name? I have looked every where and I can't find it. :(

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Sometimes I Hate Being A Mom

I really don't like yelling at my son, in fact I hate it, but lately he is not listening. I have given him an awesome summer of very little responsibility and staying up super late, beach trips, random outings to buy stuff, extra money for Rockband songs, even letting him sleep with his girlfriend in the same bed ( I can seriously trust them). Is it too much to ask him to move a piece of furniture before I come home from work? One piece and then he would be done! Now no matter how tired or pissed he is when he gets home, he is moving the fucking desk! I cannot wait, in two more weeks I will finally own, "The Black Parade Is Dead!" I have been watching it on YouTube as much as I can, I want to see if there are any behind the scenes things that they can't put on. I know completely boring post, but i just needed to vent a little bit. Thanks guys for listening. This is a pic of my boys. My son is in the red shorts singing "I'm Not Okay" ^-^

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Oh Shit, I Missed the Bus....Wait What?!

Nothing like waking up to your mom screeching that you are going to be late for school....except if you are 36 and don't go any more, well technically! My mom started screaming this morning that I was late for work and I freaked out till i looked at my watch and saw it was 0800. I was pissed! First I have four more hours before work and second, who the hell does she think she is?! I will never do that to my kids and have my voice ingrained like that negatively in their heads! Geeze, I still have chills and nightmares of when she use to put ice on me when I did not wake up and worse grab my eyelids to see if I was faking! On top of all this she cracked my already broken computer desk by leaning on it and then denies that she did it!

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Beach Day...Hopefully and Hot Topic and Pyramid Got New Stuff!

It looks cloudy, but we are going to still try out the beach today. It is suppose to get sunnier later on. Well it will be sunny in the car because I will have the boys to keep me company(Greenday, Offspring, Disturbed, and of course My Chem). ^-^ Thanks to all who commented on my bog about not understanding parents. It felt good to hear that I am an awesome mom, but honestly it saddened me at the same time.

Hot Topic has this amazing skull dress that I want, but I am not sure if it would look good on me. I am not exactly slim if you know what I mean, plus at 36 should I be wearing it? What do you guys think? I also love goth and steampunk stuff like this, but the same question applies.

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I Don't Understand Parents...and I Am One!

Why can't your daughter dye her hair blue? Why can't your son listen to music loudly when they are feeling happy or sad? Why have you not noticed that you teenager is cutting themselves? If you did notice...WHY THE FUCK HAVEN'T YOU SAID ANYTHING YET? Even my mom, who is going on 70 has hair the color of Gerards for no reason other then she likes it! I let my 17 year old stay up till 0300 as long as he is out of bed by 1000 to get stuff done in the house. I will even stay up with him and his friends and rock out to Greenday Rockband(why isn't there one for My Chem?). As long as he helps me around the house and helps care for his siblings when his step dad is having a seizure, he can do whatever the fuck he wants as long as it is not harmful to him or anyone else. I even have a deal with him that if he does not drink till he is 21 I will pay him $1000! He also has chosen not to do drugs and neither do his friends.