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Blah Blah Blah Bored

I should be doing school work, but instead I am trolling the internet looking for pics of MCR. *sigh* Nothing changes no matter how old you are. ^-^ I get my son on a surprise weekend visit. I am kind of psyched. I want to get my school work done so that we can do RockBand and hang out. I feel pretty awesome that my son thinks I am still cool enough to hang out with, his friends too. Alright guys, enjoy the pics and now to school work.

Stay dirty

Venomous Eyes Out

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New Love For An Old Song

So I was showing my husband LOTMS yesterday to give him a better impression of the band and it gets to the part of Singing For A Major Record Label and Ray and Gerard doing acoustics in the dressing room and singing Thanks For The Venom and I really listened for the first time how well Ray can sing and harmonize with Gerard. Now when I hear the song i think about that scene and smile and can separate their voices. 50% of my favorite songs are on Black Parade and the other 30% are on Danger Days, sorry guys not crazy about Bullets, but now I have to change that and state that both Revenge and Danger Days are equal with the addition of Venom joins the ranks of my favorites. ^-^

This band NEVER gets old, does it?

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Fanfic Can Be Dangerous

but, in a good way. Here I have read some amazing fanfic, mostly Danger Days of course, and although most of the writers are younger than 18, it still comes off as quite professional. The play with the guys is lighthearted and early teen crush. It is really cute and innocent. I have also found fanfic written by older teens and young adults ranging from pg-13 to whoa! Unfortunately ,much of it involves the band and...the band. Hey, to each their own in fantasy world. I much rather keep them with original female characters personally. I do have to admit that the amount Gerard fanfic is astounding, but not surprising either. He is my choice from the band to for ogling at. Even better we are not far apart in age so I do not feel as fangirlly about it. No disrespect to any of you of course. I decided to write this because last night I stayed up till 0500 reading a fanfic that i could not put down!

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Random Thought of Wonder

So I should be doing my school work right now, but instead I found myself reading fanfic here from Danger Days and I randomly decided to go back to the beginning of the News feed, just to see what it was like back then and how old the feeds were. I noticed that back then all the guys use to blog a lot, especially Gerard. Even if it was silly stuff like video games and reality shows or the crazy stuff that Frank posted about, I love the spending $6.66 in Disney World just to freak people out! I am up to the part where Danger Days came out and most of the posts are from Jeff now. I have not gotten to the part where Jeff turns into MCR posts. It seemed much more personal back then. I know it is easy for some to tweet instead, I just don't do it personally, but I would like to see more than just an occasional post from Frank here again.

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Am I Really Here?

I feel strange that wrong to say? I don't feel like myself or anyone else for that matter. I feel like I am just there, but I am also not. Gliding through life trying to figure things out, worried that the people that depend on me will be let down. Is it wrong to feel like this? Aren't I at en age where I am suppose to have figured everything out? I should just know the answers and understand what to do right? Then why am I so confused? *sigh*

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Burning The Candle At Both Ends

So sitting here burning the almost midnight oil trying to get all my assignments that I should have been doing all week in before 0259 EST. I hate the fact that I work so many double shifts and have so many people that depend on me that when I find time to do my school work, I am so tired that I just fall asleep. I mean to take a short nap, but end up dozing for four hours! I just handed in my Power Point presentation and now I have a test and a 2100 word paper to get through. Fortunately I can do it on the same subject, but still I am getting tired again and I have not eaten anything substantial since 1400 today. I know, stupid right? and the cookies and milk I pounded did not help anything, but make me crash harder.

Don't get it twisted, school on line is just as hard as school in a building. *sigh* Thanks for the rant, now back to work, at least I have MCR to keep me going.

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If You Liked Slender, Check this Out!!!!

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It's Quiet....Too Quiet @-@

So I noticed a slow down in activity here recently. I know every one is getting ready for or back at school now, but I see very little commenting lately. I do not expect many comments on my posts since I am older and for reason slightly intimidating, but I notice that other blogs have little to no comments either. I hope this has nothing to do with the change from Zone 6 and that Killjoys do not feel like talking anymore to each other? Maybe after a couple of weeks things will go back to normal again, who knows?

My kids all start on Wednesday next week. My little ones are in elementary school while my oldest in a senior this year. I wish I could be there for his first day, but he lives 50 miles away from me. :( I am content with my daughter going into Kindergarten this year. I bought new bento boxes for them and I hid them so well that I can't find them now! @-@ The fun of being a mom right? Well, you guys will learn int he future. ^-^

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Three Cheers For Revenge!!!!

I cannot believe this is happening! My mom's ex boyfriend, the one that broke her heart and left her to die has the nerve to come crawling back now 10 years later! This bastard left my mom for a woman who was 36, my mom was in her 50's, with three kids of her own! He hurt her, me, my son, and I do not want him anywhere near my younger children! He actually showed up at my door today while I was driving my mom somewhere! My husband gave him the cold shoulder. I would have given him a wounded one with my ritual dagger. If was sitting right on my outside alter too. So easy to just grab and stabby stab. However, my family is too important to me to go to jail for hurting that piece of slime. I may not get a long with my mom, but NO ONE is allowed to make fun of her but me!

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One Last Transmission

So originally I was going to jump on and complain about my mom meddling in my affairs as usual, but when the page loaded and I saw black all the words left my head. So the Danger Days are over. It is safe for Killjoys to return to Zone 6 without fear of draculoids ar any other enemies. Just to gorge on power pup and coffee and sit by bonfires and relax telling stories of the good old days. Please anyone writing fan fics from Zone 6 keep going though, they are just now considered fantasy instead or warped reality.