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Another Year Gone for Me

So its my birthday and it was alright. The beginning sucked though. I was 15 min. late for work and kept getting hurt all day from stupid things. After work all I wanted to do was go to sleep, but my son and his girlfriend surprised me with a new toaster oven and a cake. Then my mom brought me BBQ ribs for dinner, which was pretty cool and another cake! My kids made me cards and are at the age where they can write their own names. The best gift i got was an mp3 player since mine is shot. Now I can fill it with MCR videos and albums again and be whole. ^-^ Being 37 is not so bad after all.

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Did You See Franks Inteview?

Ugh, I am not looking forward to my next class. It is a management class and I really hate them. This one is critical thinking which I really suck at.

Okay enough about that, Acidrainbow alerted me to the fact that the News Feed is all jumbled up by date and that there is more after the Conventional Weapons announcement. I read an awesome interview of Frank;s about his new guitar choice. This was really cool because my son wants to play guitar and I would have just gone out and bought him one. I did not know that it matters if the guitar fits you and your playing style. Thanks to Frank, I know this now and realize that I have to take him with me. Once again MCR saves the music. ^-^

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All I Do Is Dream Of You

Isn't it a great night when your dreams are filled with My Chem? I have been brainstorming for this story that I am writing and I swear i run the scenarios through my head while I am sleeping. I am one of the lucky people who dreams in color and it feels like a movie or series is playing in my head each night. I even give myself cliff hangers! ^0^ I am hoping that all this is going to be worth it in the end and that it is not going to ruin my expectations of the story. Okay the pain is coming back now so I think I will lie down before my next appointment and try and work through it.

Venomous Eyes Out

Oh and props to anyone who understand that title of this blog and where it comes from. *wink*

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Fuck I Am So Tired

This dis ability is really kicking my ass! I am always so fucking tired that I cannot do anything it seems. It is even getting dangerous to drive home from work! Okay, enough bitching. So I was reading mcsquizzymcr's blog and she reminded me about a Used song that I really like. It always through me off that Bert looked like he should sing like Rob Zombie and that his voice came out so soft. I honestly did not know that The Used and My Chem were friends till i saw LOTMS. I really hope I can afford to get it for my birthday.

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And The Punches Just Keep Coming

Oh Goddess am I in pain right now! I just cleaned my youngest son's room and folded a shit load of clothes which means i had to bend down a lot. My knees do not like me right now and my back likes me even less. On top of all this my mom was bitching that my kids touched my alter again and that they are out of control. I just wish she would leave my kids the fuck alone. They were curious that's all! I don't have anything really dangerous on it, but i realize i do have to talk to them about touching my stuff again. *sigh*

That's my two at the top pic. Their favorite MCR song is Sing and Planetary because they can jump around to it. ^-^

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Pain Really SUCKS!

Yes, i got my meds back, but now i have to get use to them again. This means nausea and other things not wanting to mention here. On top of that I have to deal with female crap, i will go no further on that one, along with the pain in my body. I think i got my meds back just in time because i felt myself spiraling in to a major episode yesterday. PMSing does not help either. Jeeze, i really am fucked up right now.

On a completely different note, I am getting ready to right my own fan fic. This is nothing like any I have ever read before. I am going to combine the boys, Bob included, into a D&D world. This is going to be novel length since it is for the National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo in November. Right now i am brain storming with my son's girlfriend on how to create the characters. Also trying to decide if i want to have any ferard, but NO waycest at all! These are the characters that i have in mind so far:

Gerard- Sun Elf Bard
Frank- Halfling Rogue

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I Miss MY Chemical Romance

No, not the band, but the ones that I am on or should be on. I have not had my meds for two weeks thanks to the fucking insurance company. My depression can get so bad, especially when my mom is making me feel like shit because i don't make enough money to pay her the rent each week and care for my family. I have been fighting it for so long now. I can feel myself sinking in further and not wanting to eat all day or only eating one meal. I know my kids are worried about me, especially my oldest son. he is so empathetic towards me that I cannot bullshit him. I spend my time in bed when I am not at work and I hate it. I don't go to sleep till after 0300 and have to work in the morning at 0700. I don't think i can keep this up for much longer. part of my depression is that I don't take care of myself and that includes a shower. I feel I can say that here because you guys do not judge. I use to get picked on in school about it all the time.

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I Am So Hungry! * stomache growl*

Sitting in bed, slogging through homework, listening to My Chem, petting my kitty, talking on the phone, and waiting for dinner. My own son can't do all these things at the same time and he's 17! Not bad for multi-tasking. ^-^ I am seriously bored though. I think I will hunt around You Tube for MCR interviews. I wish I could figure out how to post them here, but then again it seem all the videos are deemed too small to open up. *sigh* Enjoy the pics.

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Wow, Awesome Turnout! ^-^

Thanks to everyone who commented to my post. It was interesting to hear most of you say you would take the money, but some admitting not to drink at all and say that they could not take the money was respectable too.

I will admit that I never drank under 21 personally and although I do not like the taste of most alcohol, I do enjoy a glass of mead now and then.

Please if anyone else wants to post their comment, I would be more than happy to read. I just wish their was a better way to comment back. I may add this link to a few more posts for people who have not read it yet.

Thanks again Killjoys!

Venomous Eyes Out

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Question Of Judgement: Please Read

Alright Killjoys, I have a serious question to ask all of you here. No matter what the answer is, I am going to continue doing what I have, but I just wanted some opinions.