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My Daughter's hair Is Purple!

She looks so cool! I wish I had the courage she has at this age of five now that I am 37.

Thoughts on the new songs:

I really like Boy Division. It is probably my favorite lyrically and musically. I enjoy Tomorrow's Money because I can finally hear Mikey's bass coming through and I am such a bass whore. I just can't get into his look, just too skinny for me. ^0^

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My Chemical Romance Rocks the Vote

So I was listening to the third debate yesterday while I was reading MCR fan fic and it dawned on me, was MCR part of the Rock the Vote movement? For those who were not around or too young during the 90's, MTV became huge in the election where Clinton won. It was actually said that it was young America that he attributed his election win. Now we have Obama and this other idiot who I personally want to just go back to Mass. and stay there, running for election. I checked out the website and I am happy to say that proudly among Fall Out Boy, The Used, Rise Against, Avenge, and Disturbed was My Chem. ^-^

ALso another treat I found was a pic from Black Parade where the guys are smiling and having fun...BOUNS!!! ^0^

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Back In The Hospital Again

As if my plate could become any more full David, my husband, is in the hospital for the week for a video EEG. This means that I am on my own with the kids. This in itself would not be so bad, but with school, work, dealing with my bitch of a mom, and my growing depression and body pain, it will not be a good week at all. I know I sound like I am projecting, big word right?, but I know how my mom treats me and as cowardly as it sounds I prefer to hide in my room. Probably not much different than what some of you guys do in your own homes. Trust me, growing up and becoming an adult does not always mean that you can escape. At least I have us Killjoys and MCrmy brats to help me hang on.

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Just The Boys, Take Off Your Shirts And Swing Them Over Your Head!

Have you ever noticed with the exception of frank, because of his tattoos, one really cannot find pics of any of the guys without a shirt on. I mean I don't know how many concerts I have been to where the guys have no shirts on or start out with them and than end up stripping. I think it is actually a testament to how important the guys hold their music rather than wanting to become rock start idols.

Just something that i noticed while looking for pics to post. ^-^

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I Love All You Killjoys and MCRmy Brats!

I cannot believe how much you guys will rally to someone who is feeling down and work so hard to cheer them up. before I met you guys I thought that I was one of the only people left who really gave a shit like that. Thank you for proving me wrong. I don't know if you guys were always like this or if MCR helped you to find your way, and frankly I don't give a damn! You all would make Gerard proud right now.

Shout outs to the following Killjoys:


dropthedaggerromeo- our awesome moderator! ^-^





Dreaming of MCR

These seven Killjoys made me feel so special that I actually fucking cried when I read their replies. Now that is true friendship. Love you guys!

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So I Failed

So it finally happened, with everything going on in my life, I finally failed one of my classes. I was always able to scrape by if I had an emergency with my kids or my husband having seizures. I would get a D or D+, but this time it was worse. My husband had seizures, my friend had seizures and actually fell on concrete and busted the back of his head causing minor brain injury. How the hell am I suppose to concentrate on school work when this happens!? Then someone tried to tell me I am a lousy mom because with all that going on I was not able to keep up with my laundry and they called fucking CPS on me! There are kids out there really being abused and I am the one they call on! What the fuck people?!

Sometimes I just want to give up trying to get a better education. maybe I should just stay in dead end job that can barely take care of my family. Be stuck living with my verbally and emotionally abusive mother. Maybe this is what I deserve. *sigh*

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I Cannot Wait For Free Comic Book Day!

So just saw the live interview of Gerard and Becky Cloonan talking about the Killjoys comic and they said it was coming out on Free Comic Book Day which is in May and I have a friend that owns a comic book shop. I am going to make sure he gets copy of this for sure! ^-^

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Yoinked From Lithium Sorrow

Have to hit read more to get entire text.

1) Height? 5' 6"

2) Virgin? No

3) Shoe size? 9-9 1/2

4) Sexual orientation? Bi-lean towards guys though..

5) Do you smoke? Use to six years ago.

6) Do you drink? No

7) Do you take drugs? Never!

8) Age you get mistaken for? Ten years younger (I'm 37)

9) Have tattoos? No-afraid of needles just like Gerard

10) Want tattoos? No

11) Have piercings? No- see (9)

12) Want piercings? No

13) Best friend? Don't really have one right now, but maybe my daughter in law Ashley

14) Relationship status? Married, Separated, engaged??? It's complicated @-@

15) Biggest turn ons? Tight jeans

16) Biggest turn offs? GLEE!

17) Favorite movie? Undercover Brother! ^-^

18) I will love you if... Stay true to yourself

19) Someone you miss?My dad (1989) and my Maternal Grandma (2006)

20) Most traumatic experience? Almost losing my youngest son to an overdose. :(

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I Sleep With Gerard Every Night

Okay I wish, but seriously I found this amazing pic and turned it into my desktop and ever since then my friends have been making jokes and laughing about the stare that Gerard seems to give you. I also have the same one on my Facebook and a friend of mine actually went to post something on my wall and she just stared at it and then forgot what she wanted to post so she posted that! ^0^ My husband jokes and now calls my laptop Gerard. So today after we got home from doing laundry I made a comment that I was taking Gerard upstairs and taking a nap and he went jokingly melodramatic on me about not leaving me for Gerard and how wasn't he good enough for me anymore!? ^0^

Here is the pic that started it all. See if you agree with my friends.

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Random Thought of Wonder

So what is everyone going to be for Halloween? I am going to be a Gothic ice vampire.