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Seriously What The Fuck?!

If Mikey Way was just Mikey Way and Alicia was just Alicia Way and he cheated on her, no one would give a fuck except immediate family. Just because he is Mikey Fucking Way, the world has decided that it is their business to choose sides and do stupid shit like blast them or even cut for them!?!? @-@

This is a family and Band affair and ....NO ONE FUCKING ELSES! leave them the fuck alone to deal with this shit in their own way! Oh and really, who gives a shit if Gerard chose to say "Oh pickles" instead of What the Fuck? He did not want to add to the problem and be vulgar, is that really so wrong? Come on people, get a life and just enjoy the music. Let them be human for Christ sakes!

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Feeling Kind Of Numb Lately

I don't know, just empty I guess. One of those times where i feel like I am not making a difference in this life at all. Does anyone else feel that way? I just wake up, go to work, come home, and sleep. No real life in between. I try to be there for my kids, but I am gone most of the time and hardly see them. Getting depressed again too so i am up in my room hiding in bed. I do not tell them that they cannot see me, but I make little effort to see them. Am I a horrible mother or what?

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You're Friends Are Full of Shit (but not really)

Not that it is my cup of tea, but for those who it is, LeATHERMOUTH just updated their website and created a Facebook page. Too much screaming and super dark lyrics for my taste, but it is still Frank after all and deserves a shout out here. ^-^

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Apparently my Life Isn't Hectic Enough

So I am blogging this from the emergency room of one of my local hospitals. While I was at work, my husband had a gran mal seizure and fell face first, busting his glasses and cutting to shit hie face. he has eight stitches over his left eye and might have broken his finger in the process of falling. He is all covered in blood, it is even in his hair! I am trying to hard not to freak out and be strong, but FUCK! Nothing like this has ever happened before to us. He has fallen during seizures, but usually just bites his tongue a bit. this is some serious shit that happened today! Right now i am waiting for the results of the CAT scan and the x-ray on his finger. I feel like i am going to hurl, but i have nothing in my stomach except for the pepsi that i have been pounding for the last four hours. I really should find something to eat. I am useless if i fall apart too. :(

I could just use some words of encouragement right now.

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It Feels So Good To be Back

I feel like I have been dead since Christmas. I have been so sick since mid December and pretty much in bed if I was not at work. I was hardly on Facebook or Live Journal so all my friends were worried that I upped and died. That tells you how often I am on Facebook usually. *blush* I missed out of so much stuff being practically bed ridden. I still made sure to read the fan fics here and I am still really enjoying them especially, Black Parade and Childhood Dies, abbreviated names of course.

Still enjoying Conventional Weapons. Not into Make Room as much, but liked the idea of the same line as Na na na in it. The rhythm of Kiss the Ring is pretty awesome. Two more to go in February and then hopefully we hear something about the new album. Speaking of new music, has anyone heard Frank's rendition of Be My Baby? It is fucked up and awesome! It is on his new website that he started yesterday. Check it out if you already did not. ^-^

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Wrote My First Fan Fic

Now I am nervous of what people will think of it. I centered it on the Projekt Revolution Tour. Unfortunately, I do not think it is appropriate for here. This is not because I think everyone here is too young, but I do have to think of the legal action with age. Anyone who wants to read it is more than welcome to message me and we can talk about how i can send it to you either by message here or Facebook message perhaps. I would even be willing to e-mail to too.

I am being so good and waiting patiently for the next two songs to come out on the 8th. I know I can find downloads now, but I am being good, besides i have something to look forward to right?

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Too Many Fan Fic Ideas Right Now

Most not suitable for here unfortunately. I really think i need to write though. I have not been creative in a long time and it may be time to try again. I am nervous though that it will not be any good and no one will like it. The blog that I use has not only comment areas, but replies to comments left. I am afraid to see what others might think.

I was kind of hoping that we would get some kind of official message here from one of the guys saying happy new year. It was a little disappointing, but I understand they are busy. At least they said it on twitter, or so I saw on tumbler.

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December Interview

Just an article that I happened across on Tumbler. Gerard is being interviewed about his up and coming Killjoy comic. It was short, but sweet and had a very brief mention of the new album and a sweet comment about Bandit. ^-^

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Happy New Year Killjoys!

Spent the evening in bed with a cold and feeling like shit, but rang in the new year right watching My Chem live videos on YouTube. Could not think of a better way to start the new year than with our boys in black. Cannot wait to see what they have in store for us this year. ^-^

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I Keep Falling In And Out Of Consciousness

Once again life kicks me in the face just when I am getting settled around it. The car I bought my son stopped working and I am back to walking to work, but now in the fucking cold. Of course I am sick again which only makes it worse and m limp of walking, working eight hours on my feet, and walking home is back again. Why does life hate me so much.

Christmas sucked completely. The only toys I was able to give my kids was what Toys for Tots gave me. I had nothing for anyone else in my family. I keep setting up hope for my tax returns in February, but now i am afraid to even hope for that anymore. I am waiting for life to pull the rug out from under me again.