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I just want to say, if the world does end in a matter of hours, the main thing I will miss is My Chem. But that's okay, they'll be in heaven with me- and so will other fans, and we'll all get along, and it'll be perfect. We'll get free hugs, Mikey can ride his unicorns, Ray can grow a fro plant, Cherries and Lillies will be growing all around, Gerard... Oh, Gerard, the Umbrella Academy will be there to save the day, everyday, and your hair can be changed with the click of fingers.

But, we'll have to wait many years for that (hopefully- in a nice way, I don't want to die).

The Light Behind Your Eyes

I don't know what it is about this song. I cried the first time I heard it, it's so different, fresh and meaningful. It has really struck a cord inside me, I can't describe it. Gerard's voice is so beautiful, practically poetic- the deep string sounds compliment it so perfectly, and when the guitar comes in it reminds me of the My Chem we all know. It has really given me a boost, in a strange way. It's almost comforting in the deep lyrics, relates to me in a way. It takes me back to when I saw them live, they obviously didn't play it, but it kind of sums up the way I felt that night.


New Layout

This new layout and logo are amazing! I can't wait for album number five! Goodbye Killjoys, hello whatever's next!


I'm hoping someone here can help me? I really want to send a letter to MCR's fanmail. They've helped me through a lot, and I mean a lot, and I just want to write to them and tell them.. Even if they don't read it themselves. Does anyone know the fanmail address?

Please, and thank you.

MCR Gig!

I'm going to see MCR play at the Metro Radio Arena on the 22nd February! It'll be my first MCR gig, because I'm 14 so I can go in the standing bit, and it's their first one near where I live.. It's in Newcastle!

Is anyone else going to that gig? If so, comment or add me!

Gerard's Edit.

You've got to love Gerard's edit of NME!

NME, fuck youuuu!