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30 Days of MCR: Day #6

Day 6 - Favorite song from “Danger Days: The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys”-

"Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back"

30 Days of MCR: Day #5

Day 5 - Favorite song from “The Black Parade”

"House of Wolves". It kind of reminds me of JtHM

30 Days of MCR: Day #4

Day 4 - Favorite song from “Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge”

"Give 'Em Hell, Kid"

Yeah, sorry I haven't been doing these every day. I just haven't had the time lately.

30 Days of MCR: Day #3

Day 3 - Favorite song from “I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love”

"Our Lady of Sorrows"

30 Days of MCR: Day #2

Day 2 - First MCR song you ever heard

"Welcome to the Black Parade" :)

30 Days of MCR: Day #1

Day 1 - Favorite MCR member

Are you serious? You're making me choose one? Fine, I pick Frank :)

Pissed about school

I had my binder next to me at lunch since my freaking coat took up most of the space in my backpack. Well, my "friend"'s boyfriend saw it and started commenting about the bands (including MCR) that covered the front of my binder. The comments that irritated me the most "What's up with all the guys with mascara and emo stripes?" (mascara: all the bands,stripes: Creature Feature, I suppose) and "Is this a guy or a chick?" (on Korey Cooper from Skillet). What the hell man?! They are NOT emo! And emo Stripes? What the HELL is that?! Of course, I just sat there and kept my mouth shut.

Mood: Eh, So-So

About three weeks ago, I found out I had depression. All I can say is that it explained so much: the increase of days where I just feel so damn sad, the loneliness eating me in the inside, the random crying spells, and the thought of self-harm (which I will NEVER do! I swear! I promise! It was a stupid thing to even think about it). But it wasn't quite so bad that I would need anti-depressants. Instead, I'm going to see a therapist. Fun...

I went to see my therapist for the first time yesterday. I was so nervous.What was I going to say? Can I really trust her? How will I get my emotions out?

So my friend texted me after school and tells me she has something to give me. Totally caught off guard, I ask, "You do?". She then goes on to tell me she found a giant Gerard Way poster in her AP magazine and thought I would like it. It took every fiber in my body to not scream like a fangirl. If she were in front of me, she would have suffocated to death in a hug from me. Totally made my week, since it started off kind of badly.

Heaven Help Us :'(

I just heard a fellow killjoy is contemplating suicide. Is this true? If it is, is there ANY way that I can message her and help talk her out of it? I've heard people have been doing that. Please help me! I'm about to cry worrying about this girl who I have never met in my life. I hope she is alive.

I've been hearing about bullying and hatred in zone 6. I know I'm kind of new to all this, but isn't an army supposed to be a family? Even though we may be strangers, aren't we suppose to be there for each other as if we were close relatives?