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30 Days of MCR: Day #13

Day 13 - Favorite MCR YouTube video

Again I have to choose one? Okay, the one with Gerard trying to get Mikey to pass him some coffee.

Can't I hang out with a guy friend in peace?!

I swear, my friends are going to drive me mad with their assumptions. Ok, yeah, I've been hanging out with my guy friend a lot lately. Yeah, he walks with me to classes and we laugh a lot. That doesn't mean we like-like each other! He's got a girlfriend for pete's sake!
So today, my friend saw me walking with him at lunch. She says "hi" and we say "hi" back. As soon as we pass her, she says "Aww, they're walking together" like if we were going out. -_- She made it all awkward. The worst part was that he heard it.

30 Days of MCR: Day #12

Day 12- Favorite music video

Oh, it's definitely "Helena" :]

30 Days of MCR: Day #11

Day 11 - Favorite part of Life On The Murder Scene

The Secret Santa moment. Everyone seemed so happy about their gifts. Especially Gee x]

this week ended better than I thought :]

Monday was sucky, as I mentioned in that one post. You can hunt it down if you want. I forgot to mention that this one person from a school club I go to walked with me to where I was supposed to sit at lunch. He left because there was someone at the table that he hated. Yeah, that made me kind of sad. Tuesday was better (student venture meeting :D) Wednesday was bleh, and Thursday was a lot better (TWLOHA club meeting :] it's not actually called that, but it's based on TWLOHA). But Friday, now that was the best day of the week. You know that friend I mentioned?

30 Days of MCR: Day #10

Day 10 - Something you love about Ray Toro

His fro

30 Days of MCR: Day #9

Day 9 - Something you love about Mikey Way

When he smiles :]

being lonely sucks

It's already second semester and I haven't found the right group of people to hang out with. The first group hung out with had no fucking clue who I was. My friend just told me to sit there at lunch until she comes, but she stopped coming regularly after about a week.The second group I was in made me feel like a freak and bugged me for being quiet (hey, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all, right?). They were annoying as fuck. The group I hang out with now is nice, but I feel all awkward around them. I felt like a raven in a flock of doves.

30 Days of MCR: Day #8

Day 8 - Something you love about Frank Iero

His screams in "Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us"

30 Days of MCR: Day #7

Day 7 - Something you love about Gerard Way

His voice. I don't know, there's a lot to choose from.