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Um... Help?

Do you guys know any way to push the thoughts of self-harm away? I'm tempted to and actually, um, gave in a few times. I feel really guilty since I pretty much went against what I've learned from MCR and the MCRmy. I've been depressed lately over a situation between my mom and me. I feel that's she's trying to make me someone I'm not and I can't take it. I've heard people say the self-harm helps them get rid of the depression... I feel really guilty. Help.

30 Days of MCR: Day #16

Day 16 - Favorite Mikey Way picture

30 Days of MCR: Day #15

Day 15 - Favorite Frank Iero picture

30 Days of MCR: Day #14

Day 14 - Favorite Gerard Way picture

Isn't funny that I'm posting this on Gerard's B-Day? xD


Just wanted to wish you a happy 35th birthday :3 Thanks for being an inspiration/ hero/ role-model to me and to other fans out there.

So I went to the optometrist yesterday...

Yea, my vision got worse in my left eye. So now I'm more near-sighted. They took my glasses so I can get new lenses and gave me a copy of the perscription to order new contacts. Luckily, I still have a ton of contacts with the old perscription, so I won't be completely blind. But, I can only wear contacts for 12 hours since they are the ones you wear during the day and dispose of them at night. Last night, after I had to throw away my contacts was practically blind. I'm still pretty much blind since I'm waiting to put my contacts on later in the day so I can see all day until I go to bed.


Congratulations Frank and Jamia!!! I'm so happpy to hear that you have, a baby son now :3

Why do you torture me spammers!

I'm going to try to say this as nicely as I possibly can: May you please stop spamming this lovely website? We would glady appreciate it. These spams are a great inconvenience to us. Please find another website to advertise on. Thank you :)
~ Venomous Exterminator


These sale posts are seriously pissing me off! Please, I beg of you, if you want to advertise, go to another website. You know, there's a thing called spamming, and you guys are doing it.
And to the others not posting these ads, how was your day? :]

Okay guys, what's going on?!

I log on and check out Zone 6 because I want to know how everyone's day is going. But all I see is sale posts for prescription drugs or some shit like that. Now, I could be wrong, but isn't that not allowed? Really, it's bugging me. This is a website for the MCRmy, not an advertising website. Seriously, quit it.