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horror night at the best friends house.

watched horror movies at the bestie's house tonight! now I'm home, exhausted, and ready to crash.

fuck finals.

this morning I have a final and I have to study over 70 vocab words that I barley know in less than 20 minutes.

procrastination is my middle name.

coffee has two ff's and two ee's.

since there's two sets of f and e in coffee I think that gives me the excuse to always have a second cup of coffee. today. I didn't get that chance. I'm on little sleep as usual and the cup of coffee I had this morning didn't do jack shit. I need to run my ass to Starbucks and get myself a trenta. someone get me off my tired ass and help me go get one. it'd be greatly appreciated!

common people.

my life has been stressful, but amazing recently. I have an incredible boyfriend, school is going pretty swell, I decided where I want to go to school, I'm working on getting my drivers license and working on my art.

I'm so glad things are falling into place. I haven't been able to complain about anything recently and I'm so glad. life needs to look up like this more often.

give me some of that vampire money.

my boyfriend gave me his my chem shirt and I decided to make it more me.

I'm happy with it (:

cause if you jump, I will jump too.

I would die for you on skyway avenue.

set it off

chillen in second period, listening to Ceremony and chillen in my new Madball shirt. lets party.

he's my absolute everything and without him I'd be a mess.

Josh, what're you doing?

Josh likes taking pictures of me with my naked juice...I don't know why.

I'm supposed to be doing something else

I'm currently in 2nd period and I'm supposed to be doing some adobe photo shop shit but instead I'm blogging and not paying attention to what my teacher has to say. I'm also drinking naked juice and listening to Danger Days.

anyways, it's a somewhat cold day today in LA. a sunny but cold 62 degree's. I'm wearing my DEAD! jacket, black pants, black flats, and a gray scarf. California, I love you. after school today I'm hoping to get some Veggie Grill *fingers crossed!* if you live in California and you've never been to Veggie Grill, I advise you to find one and go to one asap.

cmon Warner Bros

Warner Bros Records seriously takes so long to mail their shit. it's been over a week since I ordered my shit off the My Chem store and it's still not here. ugh.

I hate being an instant gratification kind of gal.