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Just beyond pissed right now.

So i broke up with my girlfriend a couple months ago because she betrayed me way to many times and i got tired of her fucking lies, but now were friends and she invited me to a bon fire which i didnt want to go to. so i said i couldnt go and my fucking brother said we were getting ice cream and then instead we went to the damn bonfire to pick up his friend so he could smoke. i was so pissed, and then my ex girlfrriend saw me and i think she drank because she looked guilty and thats why we broke up.

Anyone else above the influence?

I mean I know school is tough with all the peer pressure, but does anyone else find a way to exclude your self from the parties, drinking, and drugs? It seems like all of my friends have done it, even the people who say they never would. My best friend just smoked weed couple weeks ago, I never thought he would, my other friend was pressured by his older brothers drinking and smoking. And then there are all the other people who I know that just go out and party every week to get drunk and messed up basically. I just don't understand it, I'm like the only one who hasn't done shit.

What did happen to Bob Bryar?

does anybody know?


Does anyone else just really hate school? I mean i don't even really care anymore. I know i have homework, i just choose not to do it. I don't ever study for test, I don't really ever care what grade i get. I feel like it's all just pointless to me. Although I have made an effort to make second honor role for the past 3 quarters, but this quarter i don't really care. I have 3 weeks left, i just want to get out of here.

Drum Solo

This is me soloing it up last night to our song, "Don't Roll the Dice". Hope you like it.

Who wants to see my band?

We have an album coming out soon. (probably the end of the month) This song unfortunately will not be on it, we wrote it like last week. Give me your thoughts. Yes, it's not like an MCR punk rock song. This is use what our band sounds like, the song still need work.

what up with the spam?

im pissed

Look at your life, look at all of this hate. Together, lets change the world -- today. KONY 2012
The point of this is to make a criminal famous, not to celebrate him, but to make everyone aware of a sick persons faults. There NEEDS to be change. Help end the war, and join the army of peace.

Music on iTunes

So if i said that music i wrote and record with the band I'm in is going up on iTunes by spring, would anybody be interested in listening to it?


Finished recording the album. Should be done by February. It will be on iTunes by then. haha not that anyone will like it but it's pretty good i think. Check us out on facebook. EGR (EveryGoodReason).