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i don't even want to thnk about this word right now. its a nightmare that word... everyday gets worse and worse. but aside frm all of the books, looks, and work that comes along with it, i think the worst feeling is feeling like your in your own world, like its you against the world. to be honest im tired of making everything a competition, A, B, and Cs are just letters. anyone can pass a class and not be good at it. its not true, its just memorization. theres no pont to anything. highschool is just a prison for teens.

new album?

does anyone know when the new album comes out?

new album?

does anyone know when the new album comes out?

Sometmes doing the right thing sucks.

sometimes i don't get why people feel the need to change for others to like them. there are people that i have known for my entire life, and next year they could be complete strangers to me. or i could just be a stranger to them. i don't like when the influence to do somethng is for the wrong reasons. maybe its just the way i think, but im fine feeling alone. im fine thinking nobody will like you for what your doing right now. im fine being the only one in highschool who doesn't go out and have fun being a stupid teenager. because then i would just be like everyone else.

My Band.

We recently played our album release party, and it was a great success. I'm the drummer, i felt sooo much like Bob Bryar that night. Check us out on iTunes and Facebook. Band name is Every Good Reason.

Whats your favorite car?

Mine is a mustang. What's yours?

album release party

I have my album release party tonight and i am really excited, but i feel sick........ but its whatever ill be better. I hope a to of people come though. like over 100.

I'm just so down in the dumps

i can't thinking about her. we did everything. she was truly my best friend. and then i ended, just like that. and i can't tell if maybe what I'm missing isn't as much of her herself, but the feeling we shared.

feeling lonely right now.

Good Morning

So last night I played in an acoustic set in the city with one of my band members, Tony. He played piano and I played keys/synths. I thought we were on last night, harmonies were good, and we had a lot of fun. We even sold some CDs and earned some tips. Last night was also the first night I sang the lead part of my own song in front of a crowd of people. It felt weird because my brother usually sings the song, but he wasn't able to be there. After the song, a guy had came to us and said that he was really touched.

My life dream is becoming reality!

If you don't know, i'm in a band and we recently finished recording an album and now it has been released. My CD came last week, and now the music is up on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify... pretty much every thing. My band is called Every Good Reason. If you would be so kind to check it out, that would be awesome. Feedback is what we are looking for: what do you like? what don't you like? So if you are looking for sme brand new music/ brand new bands on iTunes, you should check out Every Good Reason. That's my band and we just released are debut album. let me know what you think!

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