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Thank you!

I just want to give MCR a shout out for helping me through so much. This band has really inspired me to be myself, inspired me to wear my hair how i want it and not care what people think, help me tell myself that things are okay when they seem lie a disaster, help me get through highschool which starts tomorrow. They really bring my stress level down, and i wish i could meet them and just say thank you for doing what you do, in my mind, they are a good band to lead by example.

drummer for mcr

does anyone know who was or is the drummer who recorded in their new album?


i mean i posted a blog but it didnt post:/... doesn't the logo remind you of the aove the jnfluence sign? just me thinkin... haha

thank you lord.

that i still have another week of summer.


it looks like I'm officially completely heartbroken. those words coming from her were probably the worst thing i've ever wanted to hear. its done then, no more. I'm free.

this is just sad.

somebody made a burn book on twitter, and it started at my school. now i reallly had no interest in it, or had no idea what it was for the longest time until somene told me aout it. But at that point, other neighboring schools had been trending the burn book topic. basically the burn book just kinda stretchted the truth, like some of the stuff in it was like yeah thats true but you really wouldnt say it to someone's face like that, it's mean, and its bullying people, even if you dont like them.

so lost right now


sigh :/

i hate having those memories that you cant go back to, and now that its gone, i realize how much it ment to me. i'd do amything to have that feeling again, but now i may never have it.

"and without you, is how i disappear."

i hate money

basically money takes away peoples strive to do things for joy. some people now a days just do things for money and it pisses me off. its just green paper. and i hate that we have to pay for things that we need to survive, like food. i mean i know everyone needs to get "paid", but i just really don't like money, it doesn't buy happiness, it buys you things.

sorry I'm just ranting right now.


He is the Best super hero, because he doesnt have powers, just skill, and he's a boss.