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Oct. 30 couldn't take any longer...

im so impatient, i just want MCR's new stuff to come out already!

someone help me out.

no im not okay. i broke up with my girlfriend like 6 months ago, and i didnt because she kept on drinking at parties and i couldnt trust her. im not into drugs and alcohol and parties like that, but she was and it broke my heart. so i ended it because i was tired of being hurt, and the sad thing is, i still had a place in my heart for her, hoping she would change. i moved on though, and i found someone new, someone better, someone who keeps me sane and alive:). but today i heard from my brother that my ex was wasted at her own house.

like seriously...

how does gerard grow his hair so fast...

i want to name my son after gerard way

like i dont have any kids now, but when i do, hope i get a boy, so i can name him gerard. one i really love that name haha, and two, gerard way is a big inspiration to me, and i want my sn to be a big inspiration to the wolrd too.



Just realized something...

Thanks for commenting on my other blog who did that by the way...

I just realized that conventional weapons was the album they made before D-days. So doesn't that mean they have Bob's drum tracks on there??? If so, that would make me so excited.

can someone read this

I'm sorry its just bothering me. i posted this blog yesterday. please read it and tell me your honest thoughts.

Does this make me a bad person?

Please be honest.

So i guess i've had a small crush on this girl starting the end of last year, a month after i broke up with my girlfriend. I really only liked the way i felt around her, how comfortable i was around her. I only saw her in English, but we sat in the back of the class together and talked a lot and i just really enjoyed the friendship. But i never really made a huge deal out of it to myself or anyone because she had a boyfriend. Normally i wouldn't care about it, but her boyfriend happens to be a friend of mine.
So then summer came and i noticed i really missed her.

i'm confused!

for 5 months, mar is putting out 2 new songs from conventional weapons... but is there going to be another album??

schoool sucks

nuff said