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drum covers

im gonna start posting some mcr drum covers on here

Hope all of you had a good Christmas

Gifts or no gifts, I hope you all had a wonderful day! This was probably my favorite Christmas yet. And it all started on Christmas Eve and she came over. Best gift ever.


do you thnk its gonna happen, cuz if so, we have 10 days 'till it happens...

"They're teaching me to kill. Who's teaching me to love?"

might be my favorite lyric of any MCR song so far. GUN!

Check us out

Some changes in the band, 2 of the members decided that the band was too much for them and they didnt have the time. Me and my brother have decided to take over Every Good Reason and continue playing out, and writing new things. hopefully we will get a new guitarist and bassist soon, in the mean time, we are on to new material and shooting for a new album this summer 2013.

here's what our band was in our first album release:

happy thanksgiving everyne

I'm really thankful that MCR is in my lkfe. they have been a big inspiration to me. I'm also thankful that i've made it to this point in my life. Things are turning out to be really good. I just cut off all my hair :,( haha but i needed a change, i hadn't cut it for a year! now its short and sweet. feels great. i feel good about everything, this new house, my new lady friend and my new friends in general. Football ended, and now it's time for just pure music! oh and that thing called school. working on new songs and hopefully recording a new album soon!

Bob should just come back.


everything id different.

i moved into a new hoyse this summer. got a new girlfriend. and now i've decided i won't wrestle this year. the first year scince kindergarden that im not doing it. that's 10 years. is it wrong to feel like things arent quite right, or is it wrong to say i miss my old house or i miss my old girlfriend, im certainly not missing wrestling, but i wont know until it starts without me. :/


Where the hell is the number 2 thing. I'm pissed.


I don't have school for the next 2 days because of Hurricane Sandy. i still feel bad for all of the damage though because of this hurricane, but this is a nice break that i really needed because of all the stress from school and the dramma. and then conventional weapns comes out tuesday! but my powers gonna be out so i probably cant get it tuesday:(