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Sometimes I don't like bein a kid. I'm 14. I feel as if everything I do is decided by my parents and I always need their permission and I never have freedom. I just wanna drive and go where I wanna go when I want to instead of, "can you take me here?" " no is too late." or "I don't feel lie it" this wasn't planned" you get it. But I always feel like this sometimes. I help out my family, a lot. But I don't think they understand me. I don't wanna have to worry about talkin back to my dad with out him getting pissed at me for bein a smart ass. Truth is I'm a smart ass when I'm tellin the truth.


Hi everyone.

Who else drums?

What musicians are in here. I'm a drummer and I'm proud to be one. I also play piano and some guitar, but drums is my main. Music is everything to me. Ok I'm tired night to who ever sees this.

The World is Ugly

Title says it all. I want this full song. Any news of it?

Whats good about cutting grass.

One of the greatest things about cutting the grass is that i can sit back on the tractor mower, and listen to an hour of my chem. Life's Great! haha


I wish i had cool rocker hair that would go wherever i wanted it to, im tryin to grow it out but it's taking a while and im gonna have to cut it in the winter for wrestling which pisses me off.

First Song

What was the first song you heard by MCR?

Old Drum Cover

This used to be one of my favorite MCR songs. I uploaded this a year ago, and I can say that my drumming of MCR songs have become way better. Unfortunately my tripod has been broken and I couldn't make any recent drum covers. Oh well, I'll try and use shelves or something to keep the camera up. Anyway never blogged before so i thought this would be good. Go to and check out me and my brother. It is all old porque no tripod.